Yule 15, more ideas and family activities

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Yule 15, more ideas and family activities

Post by cimerianarcania » Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:28 am

More Yule Activities and Rituals:  

Decorating the Yule tree/bush, celebration of the return of the Sun and the Sun King/God,  banishing disease, habits & addictions, seeking past lives, introspection, meditation, reading, & magickal exercises designed to renew the magician for the coming spring, Rest, contemplation of the prior year, goals and accomplishments, preparing for the new "planting" of ideas and goals, preparation, friendship, story telling or singing around the hearth fire, family

Incense : bayberry, pine, cedar, rosemary, juniper, frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh

Tools:  bells

Stones/Gems: Blue zircon, turquoise, serpentine, jacinth, peridot.

Colors :Red, Green, White, Silver, Gold

Symbols & Decorations: Yule log, mistletoe (for protection throughout the
year, best burned at Samhain the following year), wreaths, fire, garlands of
dried flowers, popcorn, cinnamon sticks etc., apples, oranges, Yule tree.
holly, ivy, wheel, fir or pine bows,

Foods: nuts, apples, oranges, caraway nuts, mulled wine, mulled cider, roast turkey, goose or ham ,popcorn, roasts (especially pork)

Deities: Athena, Attis, Dionysus, Fates, Frey , Freyja, Hathor, Hecate,
Ixchel, Kris Kringle (as the Pagan God of Yule), Lucina, Minerva, Neith,
Norns, Odin, Osiris, Woden, and the Horned God

Nature Spirits: snow faeries, storm faeries, winter tree faeries.

Herbs and Flowers : holly, mistletoe, rosemary, oak, spruce and pine cones,
ivy, fir, pine and spruce boughs, poinsettia, "Christmas" flowering cactus

Animals: reindeer, the stag, mouse, deer, horse, bear

Ideas for Yule

• Grains and seeds, and the feeding of creatures have been associated with Yuletide holidays for hundred of years in Europe. To continue this tradition why not feed our feathered friends as a family project? See who comes to visit your little sanctuary and identify them with a field guide. For ideas to feed our feathered friends see the craft section or try stringing peanuts in the shell and popcorn garlands for the trees. See our Kids section below for more ideas

• Hang popcorn balls made with honey on trees for wild birds or string a popcorn chain and drape it around the trees.

• Make a wreath out of pine boughs that the family collects on a family outing. Put the wreath in a visible location, such as on the front door, on an inside wall, or in the center of the dining table.  When summer solstice arrives it may be burned in the bonfire.

• Make or decorate a special red candle to light on Yule

• Start making tree decorations for family as gifts

• Make a Yule log. Drill three holes in it to hold three candles of white, red, and black. (Don't let the candles burn down *into* the wood!) Or go to our craft section where we give even more ideas for the Yule log including types of woods, herbs and flowers to decorate with all their correspondences. For more ideas see the craft section below.
• Make your very own Yule cards to send to friends and family

•Go out and find a special log to decorate and light on Yule night **see below

• Explain the concept of the holiday to your child. Using crayons or markers ask him or her to draw you a picture of the sun being born, or try other mediums like clay or finger paints

• Let your child stay up with you all night, and watch the Yule log burn. If your child (or you!) can't make it all night long, wake up extra early and plan a dawn picnic in a park, or on a hill, or somewhere where you can watch the sun rise.

• Keep a candle lit throughout the night to encourage the Sun to keep it company. Make sure the candle is in a safe place where it can't accidentally set your home ablaze.

• Create a ritual of re-birth. Let it begin with all in darkness, and, throughout the ritual, light candles until you are surrounded by warmth and brightness. Move from the womb to the full light of a summer's day!

• Volunteer at a soup kitchen, and make a commitment to be there at other times throughout the year; there are those less fortunate than you... share what you can with them.

•Donate to food-banks. Be an anonymous giver.
Hugs, MJ

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