A spell for when you've been the victim of theft

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A spell for when you've been the victim of theft

Post by CelestialTerrestrial » Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:11 pm

The method of use requires an item related to the stolen item to be bruned completely to ashes with the incantation written on a piece of paper. The driving force behind the power of this magical operation is the atonement of violation. You will be completely free of the feeling of being violated. Remember the replacement of lost Items is within your power, exacting reprisals on the cowardly thief(s) is in the ability of the ancients!
Note: write the incantation on a piece of paper at night, burn the incantation with the item related to the stolen item during the day.


Incantation for the reprisals of theft

"Ancient spirits hear my cry
The one who stole my possession reveal to I.
Bring them not into my presence
Wherever they are at teach them this lesson
The wrong one to steal from was your mistake
Mind, body and spirit I doth command to shake.
Reprisals unbounded you shall partake
The way of theft you'll forever forsake
The ultimate price you shall remit
For my stolen belongings-oh yes you will regret.
Death I do not require,
but something that will make you perspire.
You will know exactly why
This thing happened to make you cry!"

I used this magical operation and within 24 hours, SEVERAL people revealed to me who could have possibly stole it. I didn't tell them about my operation. when i performed the operation it was windy and rainy that morning. Shortly after everything was completely burned, the weather cleared and it was a beautiful day. I'm sure the person who stole my item (what the item was is irrelevant) won't be doing anything of the sort ever again.  I came up with this on my own. Feel free to use it if you think it will help you. No special materials are needed,*** just make sure that you burn the items and incantation together in a SAFE  manner. (inside a grill or fireplace would be perfect, or you can use a concrete cinder block to burn the items inside of away from buildings or other flammables) Do not leave the fire unattended, and be sure to watch it burn from beginning to end. Have water handy to put out any uncontrolled flames and be sure to make sure all embers are completely extinguished***
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