Does tooth abfraction have cure in homeopathy?

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Does tooth abfraction have cure in homeopathy?

Post by robemeen » Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:22 pm

i have abfraction in two teeth ,i dont want filling,please suggest if there is any cure in homeopathy,i feel so disturbed as i am only 26 and unmaried and already filling in more than 6 teeths and i also have back disc problem and knee disc problem and also elbow swelling problem and now two abfractions which i am facing .Please help
steven barbarich
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Hoping that this helps

Post by eye_of_tiger » Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:10 am

The bad news is that using homoeopathy or any other band aid measure is only likely to temporarily delay the inevitable, which is to visit your dentist and get the teeth filled.

From what I understand abfraction lesions are small cracks or notches in your teeth, caused by the natural flexing of teeth over time. These are often made significantly worse by the usually nervous person unconsciously grinding his or her teeth tightly together, particularly when they are asleep (bruxism).

Homeopathy may be used as a useful means of supplemental support for anxiety and pain control if there are more urgent medical procedures to be done first, as is the case with you, but nothing short of dental treatment can fix the damage which has been done, or reduce any further lesions from developing in the future.

Are the affected teeth sensitive to hot and cold, and are they at the front or back of your mouth. Top or bottom jaw?

Wearing a mouth/night guard and eating softer food plus brushing the teeth gently with a multi soft toothbrush with a toothpaste containing local anaesthetic for sensitive teeth (Sensodyne is sold here in Australia) could help to get you through this difficult period, until you can finally visit your dentist.

Even though the question was about a tooth infection and not an abfraction, the following page contains a range of homoeopathic remedies and dosages for self treating dental problems in general, including how to reduce inflammation and general anxiety about having the procedure done. Note that it could also help to reduce inflammation throughout your entire body. ... 231AAvYJCa

Hoping that this helps,

EoT  :)

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