Reincarnation could be seen like a meal for the SOUL?

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Reincarnation could be seen like a meal for the SOUL?

Post by Rohiniranjan » Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:32 am

Such questions are commonplace and have been for GOD ALONE KNOWS how ancient in prevalence and persistence?

Re: What is Rahu MahaDasha like?
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Quote from [member] on 02.04.2018 at 19:50:

Assuming the native has it conjunct saturn in the 12th. I read an article that says it's a terrible mahadasha if it's in the 12th and then I read another article that says the dasa of rahu is good if it's in the 12th. Which is true?

I am asking this as a general question about rahu dasa only
My latest answer:

Jyotish-Kundali is like an Indian 'Thaali'?
A plate with many little containers (courses -- all served simultaneously), each with a different dish (preparation). Kind of like the horoscope we all began with? 12 Houses, planets, etc.?

When life begins and then continues, it is like the process of eating and savouring, eating, enjoying, suffering (not everyone enjoys each katori = course)?

As we proceed through the Thaali-Meal, we eat a bit from this container, then another, and sometimes we dip our poori, roti or rice into more than one course (katori) at each morsel that our perception (tongue) enjoys or experiences?

Viewed such, each lifetime is a meal where all 12 houses and in-dwellers therein have an equal role to play, even though the human who is tasting and eating may choose to prefer one course over the other and so on?

Just as no meal, whether routine or festive is not one and only or final, some great, others not so much, perhaps for soul, lifetimes are like the mess or canteen where it comes to eat and replenish its energies and then goes away, but MUST RETURN AGAIN for the next MEAL?

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