True nodes vs Rāhu-Kētu!

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True nodes vs Rāhu-Kētu!

Post by Spirit Seeker » Fri Jul 19, 2019 4:10 am

नमश्शिवाय|/Namaśśivāya। 🙏🏻 dear all!

Few days back I was discussing with my friend whose user ID is been named Śivōham about this topic.

"Rāhu" by definition itself is a "mean North node" then where's the confusion arises I'm not even understanding!

If the question is why shouldn't we consider wobbling motion for Rāhu where as it's different from true nodes, then this answer had been answered clearly in scriptures that Rāhu-Kētu perpetually retrograde around zodiac. Then where's the confusion arises at all?!

Let me try to explain this logically, using nodes by considering its wobbling motion may not retrograde at time's am I right? Then how would one even rationally justify the fact while evaluating the Rāhu's Carakāraka (Of course out of Aṣṭa Carakāraka's) should be 30° - (minus) of the longitude in a Rāśi?

If we consider True node into the prediction what's the difference between Rāhu & other Graha's like Jupiter or Mars? Mars & Jupiter will also retrograde, but we aren't considering its longitude as 30° (-) minus of its longitude in a Rāśi while evaluating its respective Carakāraka, right? Then why special consideration given only to True node (which isn't Rāhu truly)?

We consider 30° (-) minus for "Rāhu's" Carakāraka only because it perpetually retrogrades. If it doesn't retrograde at every instant which is in the case of true node, considering 30° (-) minus of its longitude isn't logically justified, hope my justification is logical. Where as if we observe other Graha's doesn't retrograde at every instant.

If one thinks like, oh no True nodes wobble, So we need to take them into account, it's stupidity as it's illogical, we need to 1st calm down ourselves & should think what is mean by True in True nodes & why should / why shouldn't we consider it for Astrological analysis.

One must question, what is the one which eclipses luminaries. Then all the doubts will be cleared.

I hope the aforesaid points are crystal clear!

If one ask why should we consider Aṣṭa Carakāraka's why not 7, we can consider both 7 & 8 Kārakās according to the query. Like 7 for Jada Padārtha 8 for Cētana Padārtha like us. Jada Padārtha's doesn't procreate therefore PK (Putra Kāraka) is neglected.
In scriptures it's mentioned that, Our Ātman is actually bonded around by 8 other tiny Jyoti (with Ātman there are 8 Carakāraka's plus Kētu) 8 are Kētu + all other Carakāraka's (7) + Ātman (AK) 1 = 9.

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