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Post by Rohiniranjan » Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:46 pm

RishiRahul wrote: ...
Where nothing makes sense is the writers fault in writing the matter or in understanding the material by the reader......... Which is consistent.

The editors mess up can only be in 'bits and scraps' only.

Probably you are right. I only have direct experience with scientific and regulatory writing (lots of editorial and peer-reviewer input) and generally speaking the meddling is helpful. For astrological publication a lot depends on the publication, individuals involved (a wide spectrum of meddling from 0 to 100) and also how established the author is. I doubt if the 'big boys' are pestered too much. In which case the criticism points squarely at the author.

Now we better go mum before our ears get tweaked and we get sent to the corner...!  :smt018  :smt067

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