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Post by mysbcrs » Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:21 pm

Asro ji,
mysbcrsji would you please explain more about the 3h-9H connection ?. By publishing did you mean the physical printing of the book/work or does it mean the native might be publisher or like Rishiji pointed to being lucky in writing ?  

Or does it help timing the event of book being published?

on side note : is it possible to predict an authors work being published say in book form?
I remember reading an article that dealt with astrology and mass communication. It had some case studies that seemed to indicate 9th house to mass communication. Writing a book that is read by many, I believe is also mass communication.

I have myself seen a couple of charts of journalists, editors etc. that seem to support this linkage. Of-course, if only 9th and 10th are connected they may not be authors but yet mass communicators. If 5th house connection is absent they may be copy writers (copy in more ways than one :) )

As for prediction, I will start by saying that I am no good at it :). But I do believe that if a rule/principle does not assist in predicting, it is of very little use. Hence prima facie, in the ruling periods that have a say on 3/9th house matters, the piblication or rather the mass reading of what is published should happen.

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Post by RishiRahul » Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:04 pm

mysbcrs wrote: Namasthe Rishi ji, Asro ji and others

Apologies. It was a data entry error on my part (not much just 90 years
:smt005 )

Yes, it now makes sense. I agree with you.
this happened to me to too a few times before...



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Post by RishiRahul » Sat Feb 13, 2016 7:50 pm

mysbcrs ji and others,

With either of the 2 chitrapaksha ayanamas Benjamin Walker's lagna is Aquarius 2 degrees, unless I am going wrong somewhere.

Benjamin Walker (born 1892) was a comedian actor and not writer.

Third house is Aries & 3rd & 10th. lord Mars is exalted, & aspecting the 3rd. & 7th. house.
Jupiter Rahu, the combination of unconventional expression probably justifies the type of acting he was known for; and yes, retro Mars is amaytyakarak too! Dramatic unconventional (not the usual style).

Such strong link of Mars & Rahu to the 3rd; creative Venus in the 5th house of creativity; link of the 3rd, and 10th...........

And yes, Retro Mars & retro venus! Unconventional personal life too!!


Rishiji  does 7H house in relation to writing indicate the outreach? I ask this to understand the fame associated for eg: in Agatha Christies chart how do we deduce that the native will achive fame through work/writing (she is second best seller of all time. Second to William Shakespeare--if he was 'one' person).

Also in case of  Bejamin Walter retro mars has strong influence but does it being amatyakarak work as additional bonus ?[/quote]

Dear asro,

Certain excellent points of Agathaa Christies chart:=

Sun, Venus, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu getting own house or exaltation houses.
Saturn and moon gets strengthened being with Sun & mercury.
Debilitated retro Jupiter;s dispositor is Saturn which is lifted or strengthened by own house Sun.

3rd. lord is exalted in the third; also lifting the lagna lord moon; Mercury is amatyakarak in the 10th. from karakamsa.
9th. house of luck and or 'reaching out for the 3rd. house' is in the 7th. from Lagna. (seventh stands for the reaching out to the masses; 9th is 7th of the 3rd).

The 3rd. and the karak for writing has to be important, strongly visible, & tenth house pertinent.
In Agathas case it is strongly such.

And yes, the 3rd. from Arudha Lagna is in the 10th house; 3rd. occupied by retro Jupiter in the 7th= strongly outreach as you mentioned.

The above explains her being outstanding in life and writing popularity.

Others should also add their bit.


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