hi.I'm new.here's my chart

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hi.I'm new.here's my chart

Post by iluminaughty » Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:57 am

What's up, how's it going ?here are two zodiacal charts of mine to read ..both koch and placidus houses... please click on the tiny thumbnails to go to a larger image ....you will have to click 2 times on each image. Placidus charts. Notice the OVERALL chart signature of Taurus.. Notice the YOD finger of God pattern with Leo ascendant in the position of the finger and the corners of the YOD in the 8th and the 5th house ......notice The locomotive chart pattern with Pluto leading as the engine ruling the 4th house who has Scorpio on the cusp...... the Venus in Capricorn Saturn in Taurus mutual reception........and the mars in Pisces Jupiter in Scorpio mutual reception........ Notice the eighth house moon mars 0 degree conjunction......and the fifth house sun Venus......I'm stubborn to a fault an extremist and highly passionate to a fault.......you can clearly see....there's no hope for me...haha.......
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Post by astrologer50 » Fri Dec 19, 2014 12:51 am

strange you post a photograph of a man and yet the chart posted is female?

next time you post a chart please take off all the asteriods as I cannot read the degrees or aspects which all important.

Your question is interesting and there is plenty of help available on tribes learn astrology  - its an extensive reference library covering every astrological topic
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