A new confusing man

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A new confusing man

Post by dhav » Tue Apr 27, 2021 10:08 am

Dear EOT,
Hope you are doing good. I have a reading request if possible.
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Re: A new confusing man

Post by eye_of_tiger » Fri Apr 30, 2021 3:23 am

Dear Dhav,

Please accept what follows more as friendly advice to a friend, and not as a formal reading.

I no longer give formal readings on MB (using tools of divination), but if I were to, the only way to gain further insight into this distressing situation would be for me to read his mind.

Third party readings are as you already know) not allowed on Mystic Board.

But is it really necessary for me to break the site rules on your behalf, as your mixed feelings (being of two minds) towards his advances, are I feel perfectly valid and completely accurate?

In other words your feelings and emotions are loudly warning you about this man, who is playing with you, somewhat like a cat plays with a mouse.

Before it kills it!

He sounds terribly insecure, and displays symptoms of an extremely fragile male ego.

Effectively he needs to have more than one woman fighting over him at the same time, so that he can continue with his sick and pathetic delusion that he is God's gift to ALL women.

Can I safely assume that it has not yet reached the point where you and his girlfriend (does she know that you exist) have met each other in person min order to fight for the dubious honor of having him all to yourselves?

That is not a problem for such an immature man, as he can still imagine or fantasize that you are fighting over him.

He can also continue to fantasize that you are after him, instead of admitting the truth that he is after you.

Of course he would not want to settle down with ANY woman.

That would involve him making a commitment and remaining faithful to ONLY one woman, in a long term, healthy and mature relationship.

He would also be forced into taking personal responsibility for his own actions.

If you were to ignore the warnings of your conscience, and show him even for a minute that you are willing to do everything which he asks you to do, so that you can be one of his "girlfriends" (big boy's toys), I then would expect him to get worse and most likely look for a third or fourth person to manipulate.

There is also something else to consider here. It involves your health and safety. The longer you take part in this "love" triangle, the more dangerous it could become for you, if you later changed your mind, and attempted to leave him.

I do not know if he is actually likely to or capable of using physical violence, abuse or a firearm against you to get his way, but non violent stalkers usually have many alternative methods to be able to easily get around any restraining order issued by a court, and make their victim's life a living hell.

Whatever you decide to do (leave him or put up with being girlfriend number 2, 3 or 4), please be careful, as with me not being able to read his mind and therefore discover his true motivations and intentions towards you, he will always be unknowable and potentially dangerous.

Kindest regards,

Brian :smt039

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