Back Again - Major changes, could I please be read?

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Back Again - Major changes, could I please be read?

Post by AeraCrescent » Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:24 am

So here I am, as myself. As a Trance Medium I have been channeling for years, without knowing it. I have had attachments of other energies and entities for a very long time. I recently had a spirit detachment done, and I feel strange being more grounded than I ever have been, while dealing with clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance.

Everytime I get a healing, they mention my clairvoyance. Recently it was indicated to me that I have powerful energy and would make a great healer. But first, I need to work on healing myself. One of the entities I was channeling a lot kept telling me Temperance, and that i needed to heal myself first. A sick person cannot help a sick person.

And so, if Eye of Tiger is willing, I would like to have another reading. I am in a growth period, a transitory phase in my life as I move towards finding out who I really am, as best as I can.
I am who I am, I cannot change that. I am a Trance Medium, who is as strong as she is, who is going to continue to develop, but needs to learn control, and needs to not let other forces control her. Therefore, I take a path of Nuetrality. Polarities, I feel only serve to segregate and give people something to use to look down upon others. Though harmful and beneficial energies have their purpose in life.

I am life preserving, but want to do things of my own will and strength, not because of others. Because I want to.

So I want to ask you, how am I going to obtain this, or how will I continue on the right path for me? So I suppose this is a very vague question. Perhaps there isn't much of a question to be asked here, but with the energy in the cards, if you are using Tarot, this is sort of a starting point for you to help me sort out this puzzle.

I still don't have much money. And money is necessary to take classes and to find a good teacher like Spirittalk keeps telling me to do. Well, I'm not in a position to find a good teacher that is willing to work for free, and my art skills aren't top of the notch right now.
So, in thinking about these things, if you are using Tarot divination, or however you are going to read me, what may be a solution, or a couple of avenues to help me solve my problem here?

I need to make sure I stay grounded, well I have some meditation technqiues that work, Salt works, hematite, black obsidion works.
I need to get more prosperity into my life, in the form of cash, obviously because hardly anyone wants to help train a Trance Medium without some cash.
I need to keep entities from attaching themselves to me, as well as keep thoughtforms from manifesting themselves into conscious parasitic entities
And, I need to continue healing.

So what may show up for me, that I may explore over the next 3-6 months or so, to help me achieve things, or maintain Seniority over my space, where may I be led to? I am curious. I can't do anything about learning anything to do with the healing. Energy healing may work best for me than Reiki right now. To take that, it requires 2 more classes, so that's another 300 dollars. I'm already out 150 for a basic psychic tools class...

And in all honesty, I sometimes wish I were not a Trance Medium because all the humming and sensitivity to noise and energy on my face, Third Eye and Ear Chakras is just too much sometimes, and sometimes I absolutely hate microwaves.

Thanks a bunch for considering to do this reading!

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Re: Back Again - Major changes, could I please be read?

Post by eye_of_tiger » Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:16 am

Aeara, Image

I am genuinely sorry if what I am about to say to you as my friend makes me sound insensitive to your problems as a developing but uncontrolled trance medium, but why oh why do we human beings often appear to enjoy making things so much more difficult for ourselves than they already are? :smt018

You will be and already are a great healer NOW, although you are not fully aware of this yet. While I do understand that you need to have enough money to live comfortably upon and remain grounded and protect yourself from parasitic entities and negative energies, your need to continue healing should be at the top of your list, and not as you put it at the bottom.

You do not have to attend expensive classes or wait until your own health is 100% before you can heal others. Indeed many world class mediums and healers continued to suffer with serious chronic illnesses and even cancer throughout their psychic careers, and it never stopped them from doing their spiritual work brilliantly.

It is thought that our own physical illness not only makes us more sensitive and compassionate to the suffering of others, but it also weakens the bonds between our physical and spiritual bodies, so making healer mediumship that much easier as a direct result of the two bodies being dissociated from one another, but still able to reunite when the healing session is over.

Instead of getting a top class teacher who charges like a wounded bull or taking out a large bank loan or maxing out your credit card, you will need to have a close or closer relationship with your guides, plus someone trustworthy who can sit in the same room with you to take notes, and to ensure that you do not come to any harm. Any member of your own family or a close friend will do.

Of course this does not mean that you can simply forget all your protection and grounding techniques, and instead depend entirely on your guide and helper to protect you. This needs to be done in addition to working with your guide and helper? If they charge you a fee for doing this (your helper that is), get someone else who does not.

One medium I read about asked his guide why he had allowed spirit entities to gain control over him for so long. The guide answered that the medium had never asked him for protection.

Once he did, he was protected.

Have you ever asked your guide for this protection?
I am who I am, I cannot change that. I am a Trance Medium, who is as strong as she is, who is going to continue to develop, but needs to learn control, and needs to not let other forces control her........I sometimes wish I were not a Trance Medium because all the humming and sensitivity to noise and energy on my face, Third Eye and Ear Chakras is just too much sometimes

You can choose to opt out of developing into what you think being a trance medium was meant to be about, and become what you are, a healer medium who can choose if she consciously wishes to do so, to incorporate trance into some or all of her healing sessions. You will not be punished by God for not wanting to be someone other than the person he or she made you. A medium who is only doing this highly specialized and potentially dangerous work because she believes that she has no other choice than to do so, is a danger to everyone, including to herself..

I do not know at what particular depth of trance you commonly work at (Light, medium or deep). Each of these has its own advantages and potential  problems or dangers. The deeper the trance, the more that the above advice will apply to you. Normally spirit attachments as you have described usually only occur while you are in a deep trance state, or while the medium is in a non REM (rapid eye movement) or non dreaming sleep state.

With the tripod of protection provided by your guide, your helper as well as your own protection and grounding techniques behind you, the quickest and safest way to become a more effective healer is to heal. Begin with distance healing (using prayer to send healing to others often hundreds or thousands of miles distant from the healer), then gradually work up to contact healing or laying on of hands. Never force anyone to accept a healing. Wait for them to request it from you, as we have to wait for you to request a reading on these forums.

One of the best ways to heal yourself is to heal other people with no expectation of financial or any other reward in return for your efforts on their behalf. True spiritual healing energizes the healer as well. If a healing session leaves you feeling worse than when you started, then you have been using your own limited energies instead of the healing energies which come from the only healer there is (GOD).

This other method is called MAGNETIC HEALING. It is only useful for short emergency situations where it could take too long to invoke your healing guides. Sort of like using spiritual first aid or applying a spiritual jump start to the person's life force battery, until you can get them to the hospital where they have the full long term treatment.

The important point which your reading wants to make is that if you allow a shortage of money, the right teacher and whether you are yourself in perfect health continue to be obstacles or barriers to you becoming a healer medium who may use trance as a means to an end (is it so bad if you are not going to be recognized as a world class class copy of someone whom you are not and never will be?) then you might not live long enough to see it happen.

Stop trying to be someone whom you were never meant to be.

If you do not want to do trance mediumship full time in place of becoming an accomplished healer, it is your God given right to tell your guide that you do not wish to proceed down that path.

Combine your healing and mediumship instead. Only use trance if or as much as you really want to. The decision is entirely your own to make.

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