Reading from Brian?

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Reading from Brian?

Post by tari123 » Fri Oct 30, 2020 10:43 pm

Dear Brian

I hope this message finds you well.

I was wondering if I could ask for a reading? Ta

I am struggling with repetion of negative events in my life. I wonder if I misinterpret situations,events, PEOPLE in my life, as for example, it seems that each situation involves people with malicious intentions that misrepresent things and have no respect for me (unprovoked).

I want to stop the repetition as I am pretty old now, and tired from all this. And ask if you could let me know what I can do to bring about positive outcomes/ less stress in my life. It is my worklife that seems to experience the groundhog day the most.

I understand if I can't stop it, as I have been told by some people that I am too old for change to ensue, these past few years, since I am very old in age.

For example, in the most recent situation that happened today, I feel that I was treated appallingly. Lied to for months, talked about behind my back, treated callously and with no regard - when I believed I had been faithful and loyal in return. If I misinterpreted this, do kindly let me know.
Thx so so much


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Re: Reading from Brian?

Post by eye_of_tiger » Sun Nov 01, 2020 5:10 am

Dear Tari,

Either you have not revealed your true age in your forum profile, or your idea of what it is to be old, is very different from that of the average person, and definitely very different from my own (I am nearly 68).

If you are still breathing and conscious, then there always exists the potential or opportunity for you to make the required positive changes and improvements, in order to have a happier, healthier and more successful life, according to what the words happier, healthier and more successful specifically mean to you.

Actually, positive changes and improvements have been scientifically proven to spontaneously happen while we are dreaming, or when we are in deep sleep, or in other various altered states of consciousness.

And if there is an afterlife as I strongly suspect that there is, then even the transition process which we commonly call death (death of the physical body only), is not a barrier to us making forward progress.

You are falling into the very common trap of comparing yourself with everyone around you. Without knowing what is really going on behind the closed doors of that person's life.

This is a very dangerous and diSPIRITing thing to do.

This very human behavior (you are talking to an expert) is almost guaranteed to make you feel tired and depressed,with low self esteem.

The above having been said, I do understand and fully empathize with your feelings of fatigue, and being stuck.

The problem is that 95% of the time your outer life is an expression of inner beliefs which you have been programmed with or have been hypnotized into accepting from everything in your environment (especially beliefs which were subconsciously implanted in you by your parents) BEFORE you were 7 years of age.

Some of these beliefs were very positive, but these are NOT the ones which are responsible for your ongoing problems. If you have been trying your best to neutralize these negative beliefs since you turned 7, no wonder that you feel tired as though you are "stuck in a revolving door" when it comes to how people treat you, particularly when you are at work.

Unfortunately you are by now expecting them to treat you badly, which becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Understood? In a strange way you would feel uncomfortable if they did treat you kindly and fairly, because otherwise what is happening in the external world is in conflict (disagrees with) these programmed negative beliefs.

You are also making another common mental error. Do not feel guilty for doing so. It is because the human mind often expects the worse to happen, and if it happens a few times, then the mind convinces itself that it must always happen that way FOREVER!

The reading is asking you whether you have so far been trying to deal with these negative repeating patterns of thought on your own, or alternately with the aid of self help books, or by consulting doctor Google (looking it up on the internet).

Because every time this unpleasantness happens, the program in your unconscious becomes stronger and more difficult to change, can you find and/or afford to seek professional help, to offer you a better chance of finally replacing the negative beliefs with much more positive ones, which are going to give you a much improved life both while you are at work, and also when you are anywhere else?

You deserve the very best chance and opportunity to be able to improve the quality of ALL your relationships, including those with your work colleagues.

Consequently it is felt that a combination of professional help from a psychologist and/or job counselor, plus you doing your own inner homework between appointments, is more likely to be successful, and happen faster, when compared to if you had attempted to do this entirely by yourself.

You are NOT too old to change.

You are NOT going crazy.

You are NOT doing everything wrong.

You are NOT perfect.

Welcome to the human race. :smt002 :smt002 :)

Loving regards,

Brian :smt020

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