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Relationship Reading

Post by guria » Mon Feb 25, 2019 6:32 pm

Hello, I am in love with a guy, but not just a guy, he is my legal husband. We did court marriage and we are not living together and now the condition is that he even stop talking with me, sometimes he just send a hi/hello message. now my question is
why he is behaving like this?
1.Does he still love me or he is in a relation with any other girl?
2.Will he come back to me or not?
3.Should I move on? or should I stay in this relationship?
Someone please help.

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Re: Relationship Reading

Post by eye_of_tiger » Mon Feb 25, 2019 10:58 pm

Hi Guria,

Even though he is your legal husband, your first two questions about whether he still loves you, if he is having a relationship with another woman or if he will come back to you, would make this a third party reading (a reading about someone other than the MB member who requested it).
10. Please do not ask for readings for others or third party readings as this is strictly against Mystic Board’s policies. Instead ask the person to join Mystic Board themselves, once they have contributed to the community by posting and introducing themselves they are much more likely to receive a successful reading in return.

Your third question on the other hand is entirely about yourself and what you should do, which makes it first party and therefore allowed under our rules.

All the best.

Brian :smt039

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Re: Relationship Reading

Post by cedars » Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:34 pm

Hello Guria

I have seen your tarot request and my friend EOT’s response to you.
I fully agree with him.

I am sorry to read about your situation and the uncertainties you find yourself in with regard to your married life. The questions you have posed in your thread are mainly IF or SHOULD I, SHOULD I NOT type. I prefer not to give readings based on such questions, because whatever the tarot tells you, you still have the freedom of choice to change the course of your life regardless.

I will, instead, ask for some insights from the Tarot on your situation starting from the roots of how you ended up here and what advice might there be for you.

Let me add that I don’t know what ‘legal husband’ means in your culture, but that is up to you and your culture to interpret and act upon.

I am using the Rider Waite deck.
My question to the Tarot:
What are the roots of this situation that Guria finds herself in?

Knight of Wands. Five of Swords. Three of Cups.

We have three cards, One each out of the four suites of the Tarot’s Minor Arcana.

The Knight of Wands is a man of the Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) who is rather on the go, fast-moving, impulsive, energetic, exciting, does things on a whim rather than think through. He can be a charmer with words an d actions, but can also be flippant and not necessarily think of other people’s feelings. On a good day, he does keep his promise, he shows up on time, but he can also be unpredictable.
There are two sides to this person:
Charming….. but can be superficial.
Self confident…. But can be cocky, brags a lot.
Daring…. But can also be foolhardy.
Passionate…… and can also be hot-tempered.
Could this be the person in your life (age bracket 25 – upwards to 30’s and early forties) whose positive qualities you might have fallen for and now you are beginning to see his other qualities?

Five of Swords:
we see here one person who has gathered three of the five swords whilst the other two are on the ground. There are two men in the background who are mourning their defeat whilst the main character on the forefront is neither happy nor sad about his potential victory of the feud, fight, argument….. whatever it might be. I am getting the feeling that this person loves an argument just for the sake of it, regardless of what grounds the argument is based upon. And, once things fizzle out and he feels he has come out victorious in this situation, he just does not give a damn? An argument, for the sake of it, during which he may have hurt others and yet he gains no tangible satisfaction from it. Was this a regular occurrence, I am wondering, in your relationship with your man?

Three of Cups:
the intrinsic meaning/value of this card is one of happy celebrations, partying, having a good time with friends, as we see in the card three maidens (gender is irrelevant) who have raised their cups and having a good time dancing and partying around. I am wondering if the initial stage of your relationship with this man was one of good times, light-heartedness and no attention to the serious side of things?
I have been given the above three cards when I asked the question what could be the root of the problem (if you like to put it that way) of your current problems.

The next question:
What are your strengths in this situation that may come to your rescue?

Judgement. Four of Cups. Page of Wands.

Judgement: this is a card which heralds a clean state in the real sense of the word. A Clean start, getting rid of cobwebs, discarding the mistakes and the ghosts of the past and rise to the call of the angel and a rebirth of your mind, body and soul. Do you have the courage and the strength to give yourself a new life, a rebirth in fact?

The Four of Cups
: Here we see a man (gender irrelevant) sitting under a tree with three cups facing him and a fourth one being offered to him by a hand through the clouds (heaven?). He is not sure whether to accept the new offer or stare at the other three old cups which are sitting in front of him. Where is the grass greener? Was it with the old cups or is it better with the new offer from the heavens? Do you have the strength to make the choice here? I feel that you do.

Page or Wands
: another fire sign, but this one is a bit different than his brother, the Knight of Wands. This is a new energy, new ideas and a look to the future. This can also be a person, an adult but with the energy and of a young one who comes up with ideas as is depicted in the picture – a young man holding a wand which is showing few shoots of growth of a new life on it whilst he is in the middle of an arid land. Are you the adult with this young energy who can look ahead and build her own future?

I hope this reading gave you insights regarding your situation. Whilst it may not have answered your SHOULD I, SHOULD I NOT questions… but am hoping it gave you the strength to review your own situation.

It would be good to have your thoughts about this reading.
Best wishes.

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