Our Name Compatibility

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Our Name Compatibility

Post by LilyPetals » Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:30 pm


  I was reading up on the name compatibility between my partner and I and am just a little confused on how to interpret it exactly.

My name: Shianne Kristina Scaife - 3/2/88
His name: Tony Jose Perez - 5/15/85

 I know my life path number is a 4, his 7..My destiny is 7, his 4. So that's one thing that really confuses me, having the same numbers but opposite in two main areas. Also, I know we both have a Master number of 11 and a Karmic debt number of 13.

 I've been into numbers for awhile now but never really took stock into looking into our compatibility through names. I did one report when looking up this information in which it said that our numbers signified and usually are the numbers for, relationships that started young and can last a lifetime. I do have to say this has been true for us thus far. We met in highschool (I was 14, he 17), have a child together, but still haven't been able to find the stability to let our relationship get past certain points..I guess you could say.

 ..SO, answers to any one of these question would make me grateful! Thank you!

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