List of Readers & Info Required for A Faster Reading

All requests for readings using the western astrology method, should be posted under this forum.

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List of Readers & Info Required for A Faster Reading

Post by swetha » Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:53 pm

** List of Regular Readers on this forum **

** Airgon

These readers are NOT the only members who give readings on this forum. Members can ask for readings from other readers.

Readers who wish to be included in the Regular Readers List please contact the forum moderator or site admin.

** Info Required for A Faster Western Astrology Reading **

Please provide the following information on this forum for a faster reading.

1.  Your location (city, country - or state)
2. Your date of birth with the format clear and unambiguous between
month and day.
03/04/10 is not good as the format could be referring to 3rd April 2009
or the 4 of March 2009.
Month should be clear and preferably in the format of Calender name
3rd April 2009
11th Feb 2009
3.  Your time of birth.
please EITHER use 24 hour time as in 16:44 for 4:44 pm
or just the normal am and pm designations for morning
and afternoon
3:30 am is three hours and thirty minutes in the morning

4. Your place of birth

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the forum moderator.


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