Regarding love life

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Regarding love life

Post by akashrai09 » Thu May 03, 2012 10:28 am

My DOB is 09 may 1988; time is 08:10 am;
place- kanpur(cawnpore),U.P.,India.
Pl. some one tell tell me when will i get the love of my life & how would she be like?

Akash Rai.

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Post by narayanbhatt » Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:08 am

Dear ,

Most probably Upto 10/oct/2016 you mayl get married.

But match both charts before marriage

Your spouse will be religious, devoted, and hardworking but she does not like hurting some one or telling lie.

But please note that this description is based on your birth chart .

For actual reading we require birth details of that person.

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Regarding problem in finding a suitable girl for marriage

Post by akashrai09 » Thu Sep 17, 2015 3:17 am

Sir! My dob is 09 may 1988 ; time -- 08:10 a.m. ; place -- kanpur  u.p.  india
When will I get a suitable girl for marriage???......
I have north node in 2nd house in my moon chart,  can I marry a girl with 2 nd house north node in her moon chart???
Which house should the north node of the girl be in her moon chart who would be suitable to me??....
Pl. Answer my qwery at ur earliest.....I m very eager to know this.

Akash Rai

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Would you prefer her to be suitable, or to be one of your soul mates?

Post by eye_of_tiger » Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:16 am

When will I get a suitable girl for marriage???......
With respect Sir,

Sorry to interfere here, but exactly what do mean by a "suitable girl for marriage"?

Are you looking for a girl who is completely compatible with your own likes and dislikes and personality? If she turns out to be one of your soulmates, they are usually anything but being compatible with you in all areas. The incompatibility between the two of you in certain areas of your two different personalities is precisely the reason for you to be meeting each other again during this shared lifetime.

What is it exactly that you believe makes a girl suitable for marriage? And specifically suitable for marriage to you, which may or may not make her suitable for another man to marry?

I am not asking these questions to put you off the whole idea of having a reading or to be difficult or to make fun of you, but surely it would help you to know what qualities of character you are looking for in your future wife, so that you will know for certain when you have found her.

Readings can sometimes accurately predict the chance of you getting married within a particular period of time, but it is completely subjective and a matter of your own personal opinion if you ultimately judge her as being "suitable to be married to you".

While I can understand that you are eager to know this or have your query answered, all the readers on Mystic Board are volunteers and they therefore have a life of their own to live outside of this site.

This means that there will always be an unavoidable delay between your request and if or when they are able to give you a reading.

Please be patient and do not be too eager to know this, as being too eager and desperate can actually interfere with and sometimes entirely stop the reading process from working at all. It can give you back your own wishful thinking, instead of genuine psychic information.  


EoT  :smt024

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sir! i got the point

Post by akashrai09 » Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:50 pm

I got ur point, but I genuinely want to know that me having north node in 2nd house in moon chart , what would the girl have her north node in her moon chart who would be most compatible to me astrologically speaking.
I have not found any astrological text about this issue to answer this question, that' s why I have put up this question.
Again I also want to ask that can I marry a girl with the  north node in 2 nd house in her moon chart  same as mine?

Sir! I would be very happy if you answer this question of mine.

Akash Rai

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