Birth Chart Analysis Please ♥ :-)

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Birth Chart Analysis Please ♥ :-)

Post by stephybabes92 » Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:24 pm

Here is my birth chart.
Can someone tell me why it is mostly in one area? Very one-sided isn't it.
Is there anything there about career or love?


Thanks in Advance,

Stephanie xxxx

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Post by RishiRahul » Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:29 pm

Moved to western astrology reading forum,

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Post by astrologer50 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:29 pm

Well done for posting your chart from

Midheaven – What to look for in career ... ff05f50621

"Jupiter conjunct Midheaven
You will probably be inspired to seek adventure in your public domain, the freedom to explore unknown realms, whether this be the physical realms, or the realms of the mind. A good placement for someone aiming for the role of a leading church dignitary, a teacher, an educator, lecturer or therapist; in fact any role that may inspire faith in others. A good placement for a missionary, since Jupiter can provide the necessary faith and zeal to encourage and inspire others.

The placement of Jupiter in the chart will point to the domain of life through which we can expand the most in this life. As the most elevated planet this could suggest the expansion of knowledge, broadening not only ones own visions but sharing that knowledge with the world. Certainly teaching in one form or another would be an ideal medium through which to express this energy. This could also point to a desire to rise above the traditional, accepted and orthodox beliefs of society, stretching the mind to encompass higher learning and philosophies beyond the norm.

As the largest planet in our solar system the earth would fit into Jupiter over one thousand five hundred times, with room to spare. This could also suggest that there is the potential to rise to a position of some importance in life, one that carries a degree of status and prestige; something grander than just the ordinary and the mundane. This may not be at all evident on a conscious level yet prove to be a hidden driving force urging you to make something of yourself in the eyes of the world."
Virgo MC here.
Mercury ruler of MC is conjunct exalted mars which makes actions and communications too forceful and arguementative at times.

Scorpio Asc and pluto conjunct ascendant, did you have any health problems at birth? or need resusitating maybe? Scorpio is not an overly sociable sign in fact its very very private, analytical. For me this is the chart of an introvert with a  packed first quadrant ... 536d10afe7

7th house of marriage is ruled by Venus in Saggi placed in first house, showing you want partners to put you first and foremost here. Now Venus is afflicted by square to moon, showing that whomever you are attracted to may not fulfill you emotionally and vice versa.

I do hope this stimulates your appetite for astrology. Any further astrological questions please don't hesitate to ask, this is what I'm here for...

I’m a Professional Certified Modern Western astrologer/Teacher/public speaker with over 20years experience, so please visit MYTRIBE where you can access and learn all about astrology for free on a non commercial environment, where you can ask questions & post charts.
I am a Professional astrologer/Teacher/public speaker with over 20years experience.

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