Need help regarding my personal and professional life

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Need help regarding my personal and professional life

Post by vicks_libran » Thu May 30, 2019 7:28 am

Respected learned Members,

I am vikash sharma from patna bihar from INDIA and i am following this forum from since last 12 years . I got good response previously from members and that made me to come back again to this forum for my well being.

I am suffering from lots of problems like no relationship no money no job no friends. let me tell you i am from a business man family background and we were having everything as a middle class citizen.

in 1992 my factory was taken from us by our elder uncle forcefully, in 2005 we have to sell out our house to educate my younger siblings. now they are settled in thier profession but i am not.

i had a long distance relationship with a girl and it lasted for around 4 years and all of sudden she denies to marry me in 2010. afterwards i get married to a girl whom i met on internet. she is nurse and currently serving to government organization. in 2011 September i am blessed with a baby boy. but unfortunately in 2014 july my wife left me. and in august 2017 we are legally separated.

In between 2014 to 2017 i again met a girl who is a government teacher by profession but a divorcee. Somehow we get married on 22 june 2018 but during the marriage the ceremony was interrupted and we have to be separated. her family dont want me to be her husband i am not in any job or a earning person.

her family forcefully separated us. in december 2018 she tried to live with me and till 17 january 2019 we are living together as husband wife, but dont know what happened and all of sudden she left me without telling any reason.

now i dont have any job any earning or any one who is supporting me in any way.

i have lost my confident in facing interview .

Sir i would like to know will i get my love my wife back in my life or not. when i will get my job or earning source. please help me as i am getting low confidence and sometimes i think to kill myself. i am worthless as no one care for me, i use to do all house works for my beloved but this world tought me that without money thier is no importance of love .

my birth detail
DATE OF BIRTH : 29 September 1979

I beg all learned members to kindly help me all the way and let me know when i will be able to earn my bread. will i make my home and property of my own. will i be able to take care of my family and will my wife come back to me. kindly predict.

Lot of thanks ...

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