1st child Birth

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1st child Birth

Post by Spirit Seeker » Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:18 pm

नमश्शिवाय|/Namaśśivāya। 🙏🏻 dear all

I want to provide my understanding regarding 1st child birth & also would like to study a particular chart.

Here it is my Guru's chart... He married a Year ago i.e., on June 30th 2018 @2:05 A.M. in Vishakhapatnam

His Birth details:
September 15th 1980
4:00 A.M.
Annavaram (Andhra Pradesh)

His 5th Lord Jupiter Involved in complete combustion by his Lagna Lord Sun :smt003 He has Ketu in 5th house in D-7. 5th Lord Jupiter is in 7th house in D-7... Right now Jupiter is gonna transit to his Sagittarius. Thus he aspects his natal Jupiter which also 5th house in his marriage Muhūrta.

I'm thinking that transit Jupiter helps him. But Jupiter will be with Saturn & Ketu. So, will child Birth happen during Jupiter's transit?

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