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Reframed question on carrier/business options in near future

Post by skapoor1891 » Fri May 20, 2016 6:11 am

Kindly guide me regarding my career prospect in immediate future with your valuable suggestions on the following inputs.

a. 10th House prospects and type of vocation suited presently i.e. practice/job/business/speculation
       (I had been in senior job most of time but currently a  practicing CA with little progress in  profession)

       based on his D1 & D10 Charts.
b. timeline for immediate future settlement in career.
c. Whether foreign relocation can be suitable at this age.
d. Remedies for better prospects in life ( based on the fact that speculation has resulted in large losses mostly.

My Birth details are repeated below:

Date Of Birth: 12/07/1958
Place of Birth: Ambala [76E57; 30N53]
Time of Birth: 17:50 Hrs

Kindly send your valuable advise as I have been facing many mental anxieties and problems in current period and nothing positive outcome is seen. Even initiative are not their because of repeated failure in attempts and losses.

S Kapoor :smt018
on learning mode

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