Complex stellium in complex house (12th house)

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Complex stellium in complex house (12th house)

Post by jamie.123 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 9:32 am


It will be great if anyne could help me understand whether my planets are combust and what if the effect be in my career/love life. Npthing has ever come easy to me..feel like the incy-whinsy spider to tries to reach till 100 and has to start from 0 a again.

Ascendant: Virgo
5 planet stellium in 12th house leo in my birth chart - Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars
4 planet stellium in 12th house taurus in birth chart - Sun, Venus, Mercury and Ketu

Dob is: 22-0891
time: 09:28 am
place: mumbai, india
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