Daily horoscopes for 22nd January, 2009

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Daily horoscopes for 22nd January, 2009

Post by AstrologyBot » Wed Jan 21, 2009 8:01 am


You have an incredible energy welling up inside of you, so you need to figure out a great way to use up all that enthusiasm! It's a wonderful time to dive head first into projects or adventures that involve a lot of other people -- and the more diverse the group is, the better. You are especially well-tuned toward people from different cultures, and there are important insights you are ready to absorb from them. This is a day of celebration, education, and revelation!


Someone has a good story to tell you today, so if you've got the time, they've got the tale! Listen to what they have to say with a grain of salt, though -- keep in mind that all that glitters is definitely not gold. If something or someone seems too good to be true, then they probably are. So enjoy being entertained by colorful tales and juicy gossip, but do not get sucked in to anything that you can't afford -- or anything that doesn't accurately reflect who you are or how you want to live your life.


Are you worried about a friend or family member but afraid to say something because you fear they will get defensive? Have more faith in them -- they are waiting for someone to reach out to them. So get some quiet alone time with them today and share all your concerns. You know that preaching will not get you anywhere with them, so just state what you think and ask them what they have to say about it. This is the best way to start a very productive conversation.


Your more self-nurturing instincts are coming to the forefront today, and while it might send you down an anti-social path for a while, in the end it's a very good thing to start listening to your own needs right now. Start forgiving yourself for what you may have done, and think about where you want to take things from here -- instead of wondering why things don't always end up being the way you wanted them to be. It's a time of reflection, but it's also a time of healing.


Today you're going to have to accept a few things that you don't really like -- whether it's an inconvenient meeting time, the nutty opinions of a coworker, or uncooperative weather. These things are out of your control, and the sooner you come to terms with that, the better. You can't be bothered by pettiness when there's nothing you can do to change it. Switch your focus to things you like and things you can change -- like your attitude, or your immediate surroundings.


Some recent and extremely good news has you eager to rush ahead on a goal, but slow down there! Now is not the time to act in haste and get lazy about covering all the important details. You are capable of soaring to great heights, but first you have to make sure your feet stay planted firmly on the ground. Plan your path and do whatever research is necessary. If your big project is centered around getting a date with someone, first make sure you know what they'd like to do.


Today, your intellectual energy is extremely strong, and it will be nearly impossible for you to find someone who is smarter than you! But there are different kinds of intelligence, and you will get a big charge out of someone who might not be able to beat you in one area, but can run circles around you in another. You have a great chance to learn something from them, so open up your mind and get humble. There is always room in your brain for different types of knowledge.


Some recent good news has gotten you all excited, but you need to be careful that your enthusiasm doesn't get the best of you today. Not everyone understands why you're in such a good mood, and they could feel left out unless you let them in on your secret. Give them a chance to be happy for you! Getting caught up in the moment is fine, but just make sure that you don't leave others behind. You need to control your image and be more inclusive right now.


Dates, names, addresses, and similar small details will be a big part of this day for you. Luckily, your mind is so razor sharp right now that you'll have no trouble organizing them and remembering them right when you need to. This is a great time for planning or travel -- you will be able to handle last minute delays or rescheduling without even blinking an eye. You will stay happy and cheerful at the same time. You'll positively exude calmness and reliability, today.


Today, the way you react to some shocking news could surprise a few of your friends. They never knew you felt that way about things -- and you might have to give them some time to get used to it! Your idealistic tendencies have evolved into a full-fledged philosophy, and you are sick and tired of being vague about where you stand. This is a liberating time for you, and you are ready to ruffle a few feathers for the sake of speaking your truth. You go get 'em!


The problems you are having with a new member of your circle of friends or a new member of your family are nowhere near as awful as you think they are, so cheer up! Your active imagination, along with a few of your fears, are combining to create a version of reality that is simply not accurate. Interestingly enough, this anxiety does indicate how important this person is to you -- and once things are back on track, you two are going to be better than ever.


Your luck is about to change today -- and that could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how pleasantly your life has been going. But change is always good, even if it brings some clouds into your sunny day. If things take a turn for the worse, then just hang out. You can and will get through any challenges that arrive. And if things take a turn for the better, just enjoy it! The good things that you have done in your past are now going to be rewarded.


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