Daily horoscopes for 7th February, 2009

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Daily horoscopes for 7th February, 2009

Post by AstrologyBot » Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:31 pm


You have a lot of interesting social opportunities right now, so you can afford to be very selective about which ones you accept. You definitely should not say 'yes' to all the invitations you've been given -- you won't have enough energy to enjoy them all. It's important to have balance in your life, so partying all the time is just as bad as never partying at all! Do things that entertain you, but don't forget that you'll have to do things out of obligation, too.


You're going to wake up with idealistic eyes today! The world looks like a great big bunch of happy people who want only the best for each other -- and you're one of them. Getting back in touch with your more positive self is going to feel good, and it will energize you all day long. Even if you get into an argument with someone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you're going to be able to cheerfully agree to disagree and then carry on with your bright, beautiful day!


It's fine to start being tighter with your money -- being thrifty right now is wise. Just don't let the idea of saving every single penny take over your world. Obsessions of any kind are not optimal, but an obsession with saving money could alienate you from other people. Just as you have to invest in your financial health, you need to invest in your social health. Don't bow out of festivities just because doing so can help you save money. You can still have fun without breaking the bank.


The two sides of yourself -- your public persona and your private persona -- need to be kept separate today. And make that separation stick. No fine lines, here! The people who want you to mix the two halves of your life together don't necessarily have your best interests at heart. They aren't necessarily thinking selfishly, but they are probably thinking senselessly. Maybe they can meld their two halves together seamlessly, but you can't -- and you shouldn't try to mimic them.


You'll have a lot of warm conversations with cool people today, so enjoy discovering the softer side of the folks you used to think were hard to get along with. Whether this change in the social temperature is due to their change of heart or your overwhelming charm is not relevant. All that matters is that things are getting better and you are connecting with more types of people than ever before. This bodes well for your career -- and your romantic goals.


If your social life has been lacking some spunk lately, why not let other people take charge of it for a while? Let someone else organize the next get-together for you and your friends. They're sure to come up with different ideas for ways to have fun. And if what they suggest doesn't sound fun to you, then that's all the more reason to do it. You've got to open your mind and try new things more often -- experiment! Whether you actually do have fun or not doesn't even matter.


Friends and family should be foremost in your mind right now, because they are the people who always have your back. New faces may promise intrigue, excitement or even romance, but they could also bring nothing but stress, disappointment and drama. What you need right now is reliability -- you need to be with people who know you inside and out. That's the best way to relax and just be yourself. So make time to reconnect or to just kick back at home with those who love you.


A friend needs your advice somewhat desperately, but they are too embarrassed to talk to you about it -- so turn on your feelers today and keep an eye out for which friend it might be. Send a few emails to the likely party and just check in with how they are. They'll appreciate you meeting them halfway in this situation -- it makes them feel like you are really there for them when they need you. You'll be in a deep conversation with them before the end of the day, most likely.


Timing is everything, and that's never more applicable than in a romantic situation. Luckily, you've got great timing right now, so if you have been waiting to work up the nerve to ask someone out, you'll suddenly start to feel a lot braver about the idea! You should take a philosophical view of the proposition and not worry so much whether they accept your invitation or not. It's sort of beside the point, isn't it? Just the act of being so vulnerable is a big enough victory, regardless.


Today you need to put the past behind you. Accept what it was and try to learn from it. There is no way to change it, so you need to settle in and be comfortable with it. What you did (or didn't do) will fade as time progresses, so you need to look ahead and focus on the future. Your patience is strong and it will get you through the rough parts. The people who love you will offer you great distractions too, so meet up with your friends. Remind yourself of all the bright things ahead.


Emotional breakthroughs don't come along every day, so when you start to feel like you're coming to a realization today, you need to stop whatever you are doing and devote some serious time to contemplating what it all means. If you just can't afford an hour to sit by yourself plumbing the depths of your heart, then at least try to make some time later in the week. Your mind is in the right place to look at tender issues with a new eye in order to see the cold, hard truth.


It's time for you to starting using your wonderful creativity to its full potential! It's good for more than just writing cute little notes inside birthday cards, you know. Go get some inspiration outside -- or, if the weather won't make a long walk possible, then at least spend some time looking out the window at the wonders of nature. Then, think about what interests you and intrigues you. Before the end of the day, you will have a new project on your mind.


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