Daily horoscopes for 13th February, 2009

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Daily horoscopes for 13th February, 2009

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Peace and calm will be hard to maintain in a group today. There are too many agitators, and they are having way too much fun making waves. You can choose to join in with them, or step into the role of disciplinarian. Follow your mood on this one -- if you feel like getting things back on track, then crack the whip. But if time isn't pressing and you feel like taking it easy right now, hop onto the goof-off bandwagon and contribute your own zany ideas.


A friend has been chiding you for being too hard on yourself, and they are right. It's time that you realized just what a rock star you are! Beating yourself up over something that happened in the past (that you can't change now) doesn't do anything except hurt your self-esteem. It also keeps you from taking important risks in the future. You've got to be honest with yourself today. You have all the charm, good-looks and smarts that add up to one fantastic person. Pat yourself on the back.


Don't opt for convenience today. It's easy, but it's not the best way. Too often, convenience requires you to pay too much, waste too much, or fail to challenge yourself. So if you need to go shopping, seek out the best bargains, not the nearest store. If you are going on a date, think of a creative outing that reflects part of who you are, not just the old dinner-and-a-movie gambit. And if you need to have a difficult conversation with someone, don't do it through email.


You can't get so obsessed with starting something new that you forget to finish up something you've been working on for a while! Things are not going smoothly with this project, but that doesn't mean you should bail on it too soon. Whatever stress is involved in tying up all these loose ends is nothing compared to the pride you will feel knowing that you were thorough and detail-oriented. Powerful people are watching, and you need to make sure they see you at your best.


This is a day to play it safe and keep your cards close to your vest, so listen to your more conservative impulses. Don't offer your time or money to anyone. As much as you would like to be of service to someone, you need to let them fend for themselves right now -- it's better for everybody. Helping them out today will only encourage them to come back to you again. You will prevent them from learning how to fend for themselves. You can be a supportive person without being an enabler.


This is a wonderful day. You're going to be reminded just how loved you are by your closest friends. There's a lot of warmth coming your way today, and it's all coming from the people who choose to walk the same path as you. They bring a lot of honesty to every discussion you have with them, and this is their true value in your life. What this means is that when they tell you something you don't like hearing, it is coming from a place of love. Remember that.


You've been flirting with someone a lot lately and they might be interested in turning up the heat -- get ready for an overture of sorts to happen today. Think long and hard about whether or not you want to get closer to them. Once you move beyond the flirtatious stage, you lose a little bit of freedom. And if you're not looking for a new romance right now, you need to be up front about it with them. Flirting for the sake of flirting is fine -- you haven't been making promises to them. Yet.


It's true that patience is a virtue, but it's also true that you can control things and push them along if you wish to do so. You've got to act now if you want to make the most of the opportunity that is placed in front of you today. There is nothing wrong with elbowing your way to the front of the line just this once. Be polite, but be aggressive. There is a lot of complacency around you, so you will never have a better chance to get ahead of everyone else.


In a big meeting or at an event today, make sure that you appeal to people's intellect, not to their emotions. People are likely to get suspicious if you are not talking about facts and only talking about feelings -- they could think you're hiding the facts because they are unfavorable. So avoid making too many jokes. Try not to use charm or flirtation to get your point across. You will only end up making yourself look less believable. You might gain a few admirers, but you could lose some respect.


A few fresh ideas will not only add some pizzazz to your life right now, they will increase your romantic potential! So if you are in the mood to start a new romance, start exposing yourself to new ways of thinking. Step out of your oh-so-comfortable comfort zone today and put yourself in front of some unfamiliar thinking. Explore new cultures, music and religions. You will find a whole new way of thinking. Things that are strange can also be very invigorating.


If you are on one side of an issue and everyone else seems to be on the other side, you shouldn't feel the need to change their minds. Having everyone totally agree all of the time is just not necessary! If you disagree with them that doesn't have to mean that you think less of them, and vice versa. So learn how to agree to disagree -- avoid pushing your agenda or suspecting that they are pushing theirs. Everyone just thinks differently and that's okay.


Your values are precious to you, but you also have to acknowledge that another person's values are just as important to them. It's usually not an issue unless you two clash -- and today you can expect a bit of a conflict to erupt. But whatever you do, you cannot force them to agree with you. If they are going to be in your life, you need to respect them for who they are and let them know that you aren't trying to fix them. Take them for who they are, or not at all.


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