Daily horoscopes for 15th February, 2009

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Daily horoscopes for 15th February, 2009

Post by AstrologyBot » Fri Feb 13, 2009 6:31 pm


An introverted person is intriguing to you right now, and it's going to be tricky to get them to come out of their shell. Your best approach today is humor. Make a joke that they and only they can understand. Sharing a laugh is a great way to share a moment and start a conversation. And if your first try doesn't get them to open up, don't worry. Show them your sweet side often enough and they will eventually let their walls down. They might actually be more outgoing to you are!


You can't let other people's jealousy get you down. If they feel threatened by your success, that is their problem -- not yours. Your job today is to just keep on being smarter and faster. Once you stop caring about what other people are freaking out about, you'll feel a lot freer -- which in turn will help you be even better at what you do! Serve as a good example to others by being honorable and not getting down in the mud with someone full of envy.


If you are working on building a better love relationship, you have to commit yourself to being honest. It's not like you tell untruths on a regular basis, but from time to time you have told little white lies, thinking you are protecting someone. But that's not your call. And from now on, you will get a lot farther with someone if you tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When you make choices out of fear, you usually make the wrong choices. Share your feelings in an unedited way.


If you are getting concerned about a friend's finances, keep it to yourself today. Put yourself in their place -- how would you like a friend talking to you about your money issues? Unless they bring it up, it's not a legitimate topic of conversation. So keep mum if they talk about their latest fabulous shopping trip when you still remember them complaining about their car payments very recently. What they choose to do with their money is their business.


Exciting new emotions have been swimming beneath the surface for a while, and today you are going to see them bubble up now and again -- probably whenever that certain person walks into the room. This burst of emotions could feel a bit frightening, but not as they continue on throughout the day. You'll get comfortable with the effect this person has on you, and you'll eventually be able to have an intelligent conversation with them. The key is to give yourself time to get to this point.


Look for a very flirtatious situation to heat up quite a bit today -- they are turning up the heat! It seems that they want things to move along more quickly than they have been, up to now. Hang on, this one could be quite a bumpy ride! And if romantic matters aren't top priority right now, you can expect a flirtation of another sort to get a lot more promising. You're going to have some time and the opportunity to delve deeper into something you've been interested in learning more about.


You worked hard for the respect you have earned, and today you need to make sure you hold onto it by resisting temptation. Don't compromise your beliefs for the sake of easy money or a quick fix today -- convenience is never a good substitute for real value and meaning. Money is not the most important thing in the world, although it sometimes feels like it. People will notice you standing up for your principles, and they will admire you all the more for it -- you have to trust that.


You are feeling more experimental today -- you're drawn to new ideas and foreign cultures. Things that used to be confusing are now fascinating. People who used to be disagreeable are now provocative. You're getting more comfortable with the things that used to make you squirm, and today is the day to get even more familiar with them. Open the envelope and peek into what has always been a mystery to you. Your comfort zone is just that -- comfortable. And it's time for you to push past it.


There are going to be a lot of enthusiastic people around you today, which is usually fun. But the trouble is that what they are all excited about is really snoozeville for you. You're simply not feeling it the way they are. Rather than fake your feelings and try to hop on the happy bandwagon, just get your distance from the crowd. Go off on your own. If you stick around with that sour attitude, you could rain on their parade, which is no fun for anyone.


You are quite good at knowing how to not take things too personally, and this is a skill you should be ready to employ today. You're going to be thrust into an emotionally charged situation where people's behavior won't be predictable -- and someone might say something without realizing how it might sound to your ears. You need to stay objective if you want to keep from getting in arguments and having a stressful day. Apply caution to any conclusions you make.


It's good to heed your need to feel socially useful, but do not let your altruism overshadow your personal responsibilities today. You can't worry about other people's problems when you have your own to figure out. A friend might try to play on your sense of guilt in order to get your help today, but you can't give it if you don't have the time. Putting their needs first will only make you regret your actions later on. Tell them you're sorry, but you can't step up today.


Are you getting annoyed with a friend, but not sure how to let them know? Do yourself (and them) a favor and keep quiet about your frustrations. Just start spending more time with other people and either they will get the message or they'll initiate a conversation about why things have changed. Then and only then will they be ready to hear the truth you have to tell -- without going into any great emotional upheaval. Not everyone is ready to hear the cold, hard truth about their behavior.


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