Daily horoscopes for 21st February, 2009

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Daily horoscopes for 21st February, 2009

Post by AstrologyBot » Thu Feb 19, 2009 6:31 pm


Your energy will be strong today -- when it's working, that is. Through the day your energy is probably going to turn off and on unpredictably, but this will not distract you too much. Plus, you need to slow down anyway, and a temporary blip in your circuitry will give you the breaks throughout the day that you need. So if you suddenly feel the urge to turn off your computer and go for a walk, do it. You won't get anything done until you clear your mind.


A lot of change and movement is not advised for you right now. Keep things where they are right now, because that is where they need to be -- whether you like it or not. Put any travel plans on hold and stay close to home, school, work or wherever you need to be. Transportation issues could upset your entire day, so if you can't get there by foot or you can't do it online, save it for another day. This static energy will only last for a little while, though.


If you feel like you're working hard to help others but no one seems to be appreciating your efforts, so what? If helping others was your true motivation, then why do you need recognition? If you're just trying to be good in order to get credit in someone's eyes, stop. There is no point in being kind unless you mean it. Not only will the act fail to impress people, the charade will cause you a lot of stress. Just be you and if that means being a little bit selfish, so be it.


You'll get a better idea of how someone truly feels about you today because they're starting to get a lot bolder in their actions! This new awareness will be a little bit confusing, but very exciting! After they have let you know what they're feeling, you need to let them know how you are feeling -- and if you're not quite sure how you feel, tell them that. Being honest is not the same as being definitive. Give yourself time to let all of this sink in.


Your enthusiasm is vital for your team or circle of friends today. People are looking to you for guidance on whether or not to get involved in something, and if they see that you are up for it, then they will be too. Your influence is growing, and with it your responsibilities grow too. You've got to be ready to be a leader at any moment -- so be aware that everything you do is sending a message out to those who are watching, especially powerful people.


It's time to learn how to live with more ambiguity in your social life. You don't always have to know all the details about where, when and how something is going down in order to have fun! So today, let someone else take care of all the party planning while you go off and enjoy exploring something new. It might feel weird taking a different role in the group, but it will also be much more exciting. You'll be surprised by what the other people cook up, and you'll probably end up loving it.


It's easy to push past the limits today -- the limits set for you by family members, coworkers, and even your own imagination are no match for your determination! You can get out of following the rules by coming up with your own set of guidelines. Who says you have to wake up at a certain time and finish work by a certain time? Make your own schedule and tell folks not to worry. You are sure to excel when you have all of this freedom. You can't live your life by following other people's patterns.


Questioning authority is usually a shrewd thing for you to do, but right now you need to trust the people who are making the tough decisions. Combating them will be a waste of your time, and could create drama that is distracting rather than helpful. Those in power know more about the situation than you know, so your worries could be based more on fear than on fact. Give these folks a chance to impress you. They will remind you why they are in charge in the first place.


When you see a chance to get ahead today, take it! The time for being conservative with your actions is over. If you want to make a mark at work, catch the eye of that cutie, or just get a better seat on the bus, you've got to make it happen. Stop waiting for others to invite you. Now you've got to reach out and become a part of the action, not a passive viewer. Right now you are meant to be proactive and aggressive. You simply must go out and get what you want.


Lengthy conversations are the name of the game today -- starting them and continuing them with the people you love most. Feel free to be more inquisitive and ask a lot of questions that you might usually find too prying. Your favorite friends, family members and coworkers won't mind opening up a little bit more with you. In fact, they are eager to let you know more about who they are. Skip the small talk and go for a deeper connection. You will impress others with your honesty and conviction.


Expect some very rewarding news to come your way today -- your progress has been more significant than you thought and there are some very happy people around you! If people give you praise that seems too enthusiastic, so what? Don't try and fight it -- try to sit back and enjoy it. It's not very often that credit is given where credit is due, so you need to appreciate it when it happens. It all balances out -- there will be future days when your hard work won't be noticed.


Being aggressive is not the same thing as being abrasive -- you can push harder to get what you want without turning into an angry or annoying person! Especially today, when you have a great wave of positive energy all around you. If you step up and ask for something you need, you'll get good reactions. People want to help you, and they are waiting to hear what you need them to do. It's easy to sit back and say nothing, waiting for people to do things. But it doesn't guarantee you'll get what you want.


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