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Cancer - General Stuff

Post by Abhishek » Mon May 16, 2005 2:50 pm

You as a man
You have the characteristic Cancer need for security. You pursue it with dedication and a quiet, religious fervor most of the time. Finances have fascinated you since childhood, and saving is substantially more attractive to you than spending. You are either very close to your family (specifically your mother), or completely alienated from them. The relationship is never casual. You are naturally shy of rushing into a relationship, but once you?re sure, you won?t be easily rebuffed. You like your loved ones to lean on you forever, and when they show signs of independence, you may become a cranky crab.

You as a woman
Your Cancer sensitivity is hurt at the slightest pretext. You hate to be criticised, you are deeply wounded by ridicule, and you just can?t stand being rejected. You like to keep secrets. You are afraid you are not pretty enough, smart enough, young enough or old enough. After you?ve been won over, you may be just a little tenacious, but you?ll never let go of the relationship as long as you live. There is never anything shallow or superficial about your sentiments. Patience is one of your loveliest virtues. You will never let people down when things get really dismal.
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everlasting crea
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Post by everlasting crea » Fri Nov 09, 2007 4:07 pm

That's true...I'm having a hard time letting go a past relationship...

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Post by DevAngel » Sat Nov 10, 2007 3:22 am

I was actually surprised as to how much tis really does fit me to a tee. I am also still attempting to hang on to a past relationsgip even though the other person and I are both married to other people. I am always trying to find ways to gain more knowledge because I dont think I know enough different things. I have a college education although most of what I hav learned are things that I have researched on my own and learned throughtrial and error. I canot stand it when my partnr was having an affair with someone else it made me feel as though there was something wrong with me and I tried everything to make myself more like that other person until I met that other person and realized just how they were not something that would e healthy for me since they were about 350lbs. and that is not something I am going to do to myself for anyone. I do feel at times that i am not the prettiest that is out there but i know that there is no way i am going to pay someone money to drug me and change my face.

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