Cancareian school friend

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Cancareian school friend

Post by FairyQueen » Tue Jun 29, 2010 9:34 am

i have as school friend who is a Cancerous. From childhood he is prone to different physical ailments and he is weak mentally as well. He is   very good at study and cracked through the written portion of the  competitive exams all the times.

However the tragic part is that he can never get through the final oral or Viva test.

Is the lack of self confidence natural in Cancers? :smt013

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Post by Elgina » Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:54 am

I have a cancer friend whom i never got to understand....
She is soft spoken but very irritating to me...
She never harms me but i dont trust her at the same time ...
I am a Pisces.. Why is this happening....

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Post by ConfusedMind » Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:21 pm

see, trust is something that comes from within.  you can trust if you want to trust. you don't need to find a trustworthy person to trust. there is something very uncanny about this 'trust' thing. those who are trustworthy do not care much about their trustworthiness. and, those who have nothing of it in them find iffy things about people.
I'm weird

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Post by FairyQueen » Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:04 am

Some Cancers are trustworthy for sure but they lack certain depth , as a result though they appear to be a good company from a distance with closer acquaintance they generate ion.irritation and frustrat

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Post by Evard » Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:57 pm

Cancer astrology was the mentally dominant protected psyche sign of Sun Moon common.
When you are Piscen and cannot figure out what a Cancerian did not ever tell you, reason
We are quiet when people thought it was their (ego) self-worth to talk so called 'constantly'.
Most Pisces don t talk constantly. They want to affirm reason they are helpful and were uh:
mostly good in a technical setting when they are asked to perform assistance.. until they ^
receive thought stress and then they get quieter and interrupted about helping with receive.
It's called Sending Away a Pisces. When you're worried about a Cancerian.. yer egoist and,
did not care about their personal persevere.. you actually want to know if they are mentally
able to complete what you want about them was a good fraternal or seturnal relationship so
you may ask if they will talk with you more often with reason the Cancer are very wise. @^

Stop concerning yourself with their so called mental disability and begin reasoning with among
proper accord the reason you were not kind with them, regard their physical health (ignored),
and try to reason with yourself instead of protectate ways trying to network around them and:
saying you were not the admonish(ment) of their so called mental fortitude whereas since you
are Pisces you can be envious and then calm.. Actually positively care at all instead of egoist :  worrying about their disability.

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Post by FairyQueen » Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:42 am

Bravo it is only possible for a cancerian to give such meticulous and thorough answer. I agreed to u that i am partially jealous with this person's perfection level. However it motivates me to work better and the personal concern came from disappointment  as i wonder i person who is so good at work how could lack so much depth in nature. But truly i feel thankful to your answer but you sound a little less defensive about your zodiac it would be even better.

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Post by Evard » Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:13 pm

Be less defensive about my astrology.. maybe you were inferring I was going to
include the entire thought about Cancer and Pisces relation ship and did not. @*.

OK. I will consider what a Crab means .. an intelligent armored psyche with the :
ideal proper keeping of a thought and not revealing the thought while others try ,
interrupting for reason of self-affirm .. sometimes for years at once. OK Thanks.

Evard .. Crab Turtle.

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Understand you

Post by elementsearth » Sun Mar 13, 2011 2:55 pm

Yes, it is very natural for cancerians to feel self-concious and inferior. The only way to get them over this is to shower them with praise and never stop. Also, if possible, get him some books which are about this specific topic. Remember, that the biggest fear of a cancerian is the fear of criticism. Never critisize him openly. If you want to critisize him, don't say anything about that topic at all. He will understand.

I wonder why he is weak? Maybe feeding him healthy food can do some good? Has he been to a doctor?

I hope this helps!

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Post by Evard » Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:50 am

Hi again .  I'm Adult Cancerian .   I never really felt self-conscious , I was always quiet and did not
like being interrupted .  The nascent thought of self-conscious was important ... though I am not uh
happy with those who seem to relate "Cancerian" with some kinda Cancer or mental disorder . . . .
it seems like the person who was actually lower self-esteem was insulting the Nature of Cancerian .
If you are not happy with a quiet younger person who doesn't seem to offer outer finance .,. you uh
may ask about not their supported health ... though their want to be involved with polite correspond.

I don't see Cancerian as wanting to be "showered with praises at all times" , it's in fact why we want
to become reclusive ... cute n pretty praises are a most annoying feature of subliminal want to allow
what seems to me to be the almost money basis of what I would term as "ulterior greed" toward the
reason of "selling something" to the parent lacking noticeable avenue to talk with younger person on
a basis there was not a conversation starter ... it was a quiet accord with Cancerian seem to spend :
early years quiet [what I term as almost druidic prayer , not religious] and mature years being ready
to settle into home life and enjoying the thoughts on one's own .   Though the thought uh bothering a
Cancerian young person about maturing to settle a home ... was not recommended as the status quo
will be better to maybe talk with the young person and not "shower [blame] attention on them" Evard.

Leon Ken
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Post by Leon Ken » Thu Oct 27, 2011 9:53 pm

People im a cancerian but im have none of a canceriam im have 16 years old, and im very happy, i speak to much, im very strong cause i make academy and musculation, im do karate and study ocultt an magick, every cancerian i meet is very diferent from me, in brasil the astrology dont work so well

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Post by Evard » Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:00 pm

Have a happy and not dangerous pagan holiday in modern affirm of Nature and Peace .

I had the 'off' month when I was making comments seeming bitter and unhappy about :
the role of providing to cancerian in terms of ulterior motive .  I am not astrologically uh
pagan and like the practice of druidry .  Astrology is going through modern changes with
the theory of orphiocus as a 13th sign and the days of Cancerian summer month would :
change to a sense of the younger astrological and those learning about uh newer month.

I don't mean to seem unkind and the comments about Cancerian generally being quiet .,
in a setting of youth and often having more of a sense of Nature are more aligned to the
way mental condition and physical health are accorded approval by Doctor Health . . . . .

and not to berate a Cancerian with attitude of Peace to consider what would be more @*
Earthly Aligned to realise bitterness is crabby and money is not a Nature of Mondala .,. :     Evard .  "Crabby" , Druid .

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