Gem's Tarot Class - Tarot Ethics

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Gem's Tarot Class - Tarot Ethics

Post by Gem » Fri May 11, 2007 12:54 pm

Now is the time for us all to think about the ethics of tarot reading.

What is ethical?

How should we behave?

What should we not do?

What should we do?

Are there any readings we shouldn't give? ever?

Everyone has their own inside set of values and morals and sense of what is right and wrong. They are formed from experiences and knowledge and other people' experiences and views together with the law of the land and common laws of society.

So what I am about to post is a mixture of my views and those that I have chosen to use as examples. There is no one governing body that regulates tarot reading, perhaps there should be one, instead there are many individual organisations and associations that have sprung up and that will take members.

The end result should help you all make up your own minds on a set of working ethics and a code for you and your tarot reading :)
We will be discussing this aspect in the homework section soon, with a view to everyone thinking and drawing up their own code of ethics.

One Tarot Reader's Ethics

All readings are for entertainment and fun purposes.

All readings remain confidential between the client and the reader and, if appropriate, the readers teacher, tarot guide or mentor.

All readings will aim to empower the client.

All clients are equal and will be treated with respect.

As a reader I will be open minded, honest and remain non-judgmental.

I will suggest the client contact a qualified professional if appropriate e.g. health or legal professional.

If at any time I feel unable to continue the reading I will withdraw tactfully.

I will use Tarot responsibly e.g. I will not offer to remove or place curses.

I will not knowingly give an e-mail reading to anyone under 18 years of age and will not knowingly give a face-to-face reading for anyone under 18 years of age without permission from their parent or guardian.

I will not undertake reading for anyone other than the client, i.e. third parties.

I will not attempt to diagnose illness, or speculate on length of life or outcome of pregnancy.


So maybe you just want to learn about tarot and read for yourself or family and friends? Perhaps you want more or are already reading for other people?........  Why would you need a code of ethics?

I find that the easiest way to answer a question is from a position of knowledge, that knowledge gives you confidence and so can make your answer considered and formulated with thought and humility and respect for the person asking. And so spending a little time discussing our working ethics needn't be frightening or worrying, just something so we have a good foundation.

What if someone asks when they are going to die? Or if their mother will survive her illness, or if their husband loves them? Do you feel happy answering these questions?  Far better to decide now, than hesitate and start a reading only to start feeling dread or remorse or later on guilt.

My view is that the future can change. Just by the very act of giving a reading we are affecting the client, querent or seeker. If they choose to take the card's advice then that is up to them, we cannot force them or make them do anything. The decision always rests with them. We 'empower' the client. We give them a view, a scenario, a possibility, nothing is set in stone.

Please take a few moments to think about these aspects and then we will discuss them together here Tarot Homework - Code of Ethics

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Post by Gem » Thu Dec 27, 2007 4:06 pm

Tarot Ethics


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