Gem's Tarot Class - Asking the Right Questions

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Gem's Tarot Class - Asking the Right Questions

Post by Gem » Wed Aug 01, 2007 11:08 am

Questions, Questions, Questions.

Now we have all had some practice reading for each other, let us take a close look at how we can give the querent the best information, and usually this starts with their request.

Is it for a general reading? - This is the best kind of reading, all readers love it :) It give us the freedom to let the cards speak and allows the cards to go straight to areas that need attention and that should be looked at and discussed, rather than areas that the querent might want to find out about right now.

Is it a love reading? - Does he love me?  Will I get married?  Will I find my soulmate?  All difficult questions. Most could be answered with a yes or no. Simple easy and to the point so why take the time to do a layout and read for an hour? But the other side is this..... Should we really be asking the cards such questions?

Lets take the simple "Does X love me?"  For the cards to answer truthfully, they would have to know who X is and be tuned into them or their guides or spirit contacts, or to be tuned into a higher presence on their behalf. Not good in my opinion. Rather unfair. If the cards do find person X and tune in then reply lets see if the answer is going to be of benefit to the querent.

Take  YES! ok so the querent is over the moon, and walks off happy, they become complacent, no stress about looking nice, being polite, and they fall into sloppiness and take X for granted. X gets insulted and walks off into the sunset :(

Take  NO!  The querent bursts into tears and runs off searching for the nearest chocolate shop, they feel miserable, they feel unloved, they get depressed and so miss out on other people taking interest in them.

Either way, not a very successful reading. But if we had suggested that the question is not one that we felt comfortable answering because it deals with a third parties feeling, and would they mind rewording it to something different then the reading might have played out like this.

Q. "What do I need to know about my relationship ?"

Q. "What can I do to make make my relationship work?"

Q. "How can I help myself to find true love?"

Is it a bad subject? There are some subjects that should be regarded as 'taboo' and not acceptable by our standards or our tarot ethics.

   Will my husband recover from his illness? Will he die? When will I die?

Questions about health and illness and sadly death too, are an area that requires very careful handling and tact. Suggest a change of wording, an alternate reading, a different question. We are not doctors or god, miracles can happen and things can change in a minute. Never be tempted to foretell outcomes where health is concerned, it is extremely bad ethics to even try.

What you say and give in your reading will affect the querent's whole life. So have a think about these points....

1. Aim to empower your client. Offer guidance and support and suggestions.

2.  Do not make sweeping statements such as "You should do this.."  or " Don't do ....!" or "Beware a tall dark stranger..." Be positive and gentle and think about how you phrase your sentences.

3. Always finish the reading on a postive note, even if it means taking one more card :)

It is often blatantly obvious why some topics are not good subjects for questions. The next part may be quite shocking to many of you, so I apologise beforehand. It is however a very real possibility that at some time you will be asked questions like these, and forewarned is forearmed. Remember you can refuse to do a reading, but sometimes that causes more harm than politely changing the question round to one you feel comfortable with :)

When it comes to the area of fertility and pregnancy then please be very careful. Many tarotists will not give readings on this subject, and many of the tarot associations will not allow it in their code of ethics.  Very often questions like these are asked.

   Am I pregnant? Will I have a baby boy or girl? Should I have an abortion?

Surely having a live, healthy baby is more important? Carrying to full term? But the wording of the question does not really help much here, and my personal opinion is that this area should be avoided at all costs. Suggest a general reading, suggest an alternate question about their life at this moment, what would be helpful to them. What if you predict a boy and it is a girl? The effect could be devastating.  What if you predict a girl and the parents decide on a termination, and then find out it was a boy?

The possibilities are endless and can have far reaching consequences, so please be careful and be a responsible and ethically moral tarot reader :)


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