I Need a Hug (Edited)

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I Need a Hug (Edited)

Post by HelloKitty » Sat May 11, 2013 8:15 pm

Please read Edited part, as well.

I'm in love with my friend.  I could see things from his shoes.  He's busy.  He's trying to get his life together.  He doesn't have time for a girlfriend right now.  And he's RIGHT.   He needs to stabilize his life.  Get a job and settle down before he thinks of dating.

But I've felt guided to him.  You see, before we even spoken to each other.  He came to me in a dream and said, "I am your boyfriend."  And we spent the day together in my dreams.  The next day, aside from the "boyfriend" part.  We spent the day together exactly as in my dreams.  But here's another thing.  For the first time EVER, I dreamt of somebody old.   He's actually younger than me.  We're both Pisces.  He's 3 yrs young than me.  But in my dreams, and for the first time.  I saw somebody old and it was him.  And we were happy with each other in old age.

I know him from a type of vocational school.  He graduated before me (he dropped out of High School, I didn't.)  And I've been dreaming about him everyday.   In my dreams, we are just SO CLOSE.  But in real life, he's busy getting his life together.

I keep getting a claircognizant feeling that he would continue to be in my life.  But I love him.   I don't want to violate the forum rules.  So, when I said when we were old together.  Let's just say that we were very close *wink* *wink*   I hope that at least by saying that, I'm not violating any rules.

I him getting mixed readings when it comes to him and love.   Sometimes I  read that there would be romance between us.  Sometimes I read that there is going to be no romance between us.   Thing is, when I looked at our birth chart.  We are very well matched.   Well, we are compatible.   But I keep getting 2 opposite readings when it comes to him and love.

I KNOW that love can't be right now.  He's busy getting his life together.  But I DO hope that love could be when he gets a job and settles down.  When I'm with him, it's like our souls are resonating with each other.

I just keep getting two opposite readings.  I would ask, "Well, should I give up on him and go for another guy?"  Nope.  That's what I get with automatic typing.  

But when I try to ask about my love life with him.  That's when the readings get confusing.  It's like "yes," "no," "maybe."  It's so confusing.  But when I think, "I'll give up on him and go for a new guy."  It's like a clear "no."  A crystal clear "No."  And well, needless to say I'm straight.  So, what do I do?  Be alone for the rest of my life?  Am I suppose to live my life without receiving any love?

Everything I ask is getting me a "No."  It really is a "No" to EVERYTHING I ask.   But of course, I would respect his wishes and just choose to view him as a friend.  But ......  It is just far too confusing.  Or maybe I'm just thinking about it too hard.  Who knows?  Maybe the reason I'm not getting an accurate reading is because I need to truly let go of him.  And once I do that, the reading would become more clear.  I'm probably just thinking about it too hard or too much. And I just need to stop thinking about it.


Edited:  He really only wants just a friend right now.  So, I'm going to respect his wishes and let him go.   There is an old saying, "The more you're interested in them, the less they are interested in you."    His Venus and Mars is in Aquarius.  And my Venus is in Aquarius.  But my Mars is in Taurus, that's a Venus sign, so I'm more lovey-dovey.  Esp. with the Pisces Sun.  But I was thinking, what would I want?  What are his wishes?  His wishes is to just be friends.  And he is RIGHT.  He doesn't need to think about love right now.  He's busy.  And what would I want?  I wouldn't want somebody pining over me, I would want somebody I could just have fun with as a friend.  My Mars in Taurus is just very affectionate.  But if I were in his shoes, I know as a Venus in Aquarius I wouldn't be attracted to a person pining over me.  But if I had a great friendship with the person, then maybe.

But you must excuse me.  Having Mars and Taurus and Venus in Aquarius causing a sort of split personality.  Because I want a detached person who would rather be friends before deciding on love.  But my behavior doesn't match what I'm attracted, too.   I'm not attracted to people who act like me. So, it takes so much emotional self-discipline to overcome my Mars in Taurus side to attract what I'm truly attracted to an Aquarius like personality.

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Post by agata » Sun May 12, 2013 12:27 am

Hi HelloKitty. :)

When I was reading your post, a few things came to my mind, so apart from giving you a hug, I will share them.

I can see that readings and astrology are really important for you in your attempt to answer the question what to do and what the chances for a serious relationship with your friend are. It seems to create a lot of tension and generates some kind of emotional chaos in your life, even frustration. You feel confused the more you want to get the answer and your readings become confused too. It's a vicious circle. The dreams you have may be either prophetic or the result of wishful thinking. When it comes to readings, the answers that you get are incoherent probably because it is difficult to put aside hopes and fears when you're doing a reading for yourself and when the question relates to something extremely important. Maybe it would be good to take a break from those readings for a while. Not everything has to happen immediately. If it doesn't happen now, it doesn't mean that it won't ever happen. If it's a transitional moment in his life, the future may be also unclear in readings, because (in my opinion) everything in life is under construction constantly and sometimes readings may be unclear because you're doing them in the moment of the biggest changes when decisions haven't been made yet and no one can say what will the outcome be.

Also, remember that friendship is a great gift from life too. Don't underestimate its value. :) I know that you would rather see your friend as your boyfriend, but still, friendship allows you to be very close to him, which is not always the case in such situations. Besides, who knows, maybe one day you will become so close to each other that something more will happen in your relationship? Or maybe not, maybe after some time your feelings will change? Give it some time. I know that it's difficult when you're in love, but patience is sometimes the best choice.

I wish you all the best and hope that my words will be helpful at least a little bit. :)

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Post by HelloKitty » Sun May 12, 2013 6:19 pm

You said, "(in my opinion) everything in life is under construction constantly and sometimes readings may be unclear because you're doing them in the moment of the biggest changes when decisions haven't been made yet and no one can say what will the outcome be."

I've been thinking the same thing.  He's getting his life together.  But that dream really does seem like a prophet dream because my regular dreams are berserk.  Like it's VERY, VERY RANDOM and makes little to no sense.  But I do believe that the future is constantly changing.  I was just surprised that he was the first person that I ever saw old.  esp. since it's 21.

But I guess this is better for the both of us, could you imagine me being his girlfriend???  This situation would put a HUGE TOLL on our relationship.   If we were in a relationship, now, we would certainly break up.   Being a friend is good.  I still want him.  But I'm trying to keep cheerful and think positive.

But it makes me wonder how they did it, the psychic twins predicted which classmate would end up with whom.  How did they know with all the changes people make from day to day?   And well, me and this friend are very compatible.  Actually, 2 other psychics.  They used to be friends of mine.  They said that we were both well-matched.  And the friendship ending is nowhere related to this issue.   1. was merely a two week friendship.  The other was just kinda controlling.

And I just wanted some guidance.  Likewise, I also wanted to make new friends who are interested in the same things I'm interested in.   It lasts longer when the interests are similar.  Then trying to make it work.

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