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Post by vlamerk » Sat Oct 19, 2013 5:37 pm

Was wandering the neighborhood by my old middle school in a daze a few weeks ago. Pleasant day out, everything's chill until I see "her". This woman has been haunting my dreams for like 7 months now. She was beautiful, the object of my obsession. Until was taken away from me like a brutal hurricane swept her into the sky and can't find her now. It was the first time I've seen her since but there was something different about her now. I didn't know what to say. Cat got my tongue. Cat got her tongue too, apparently. All we could do is gaze at each-other in dismay and sorrow. Dream ends on bad note.

Fast forward a few weeks. Wandering another town scoping out a trick or treating neighborhood. My friend runs over to a house and vandalizes the shit out of it with red paint. He says "Are you here, anywhere dear ghost?" In so many words. I cry. I cry tears from the deepest sorrow of losing the only friend I ever knew. If only you could've met her. My friend disappears as I inspect his handywork. I want to tell him that I'm always watching in some way. Dream ends on sad note.

Waiting and watching. Only palpable emotion something along the lines of utter dismay. I miss you so much.
Not sure if or when I'll ever find her again. Maybe I'll be out wandering a new city and just see her again. See her in the face of every stranger I see. Hiding in every shadow, an adulterated zombie of what she used to be. Unabashedly being used but with obviously no will to stop it. If I could ever tell her how I feel in true words she'd probably just keep crying in dismay...

She'd keep crying and staring into the mirror at the monster she been turned into. Wondering, "Why? Why? Why?" I want her back but don't know her contact info anymore. So frustrate. So disillusioned, but I'm sure she's the real sad one. If you can see this, ghost girl... I truly miss you. A whole bunch

Not necessarily fishing for pity here, just venting. No hate please.

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