Been a long four years, needing a double hug

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Been a long four years, needing a double hug

Post by jnett » Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:16 pm

The last two years have been especially difficult. I have been in and out of a abusive relationship. Trying to find the old me again. I think she's long gone. I have been beaten, terrorize and made to feel worthless. The person responsible for this is now attacking my reputation and I can do nothing about it, but hide for fear if I say anything or try to defend myself I will suffer more. This person is so much stronger than I. I really believe I was dating the devil. Please keep me in prayers... I could really use a virtual hug. Hurting so bad.

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You are looking for a stronger, improved version of your old self, which IS still within you

Post by eye_of_tiger » Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:00 am


I understand that it feels that your old self is long gone, but if it was then I do not think that you would have had enough courage and self respect to want to reach out for our help by posting this.

Being beaten, terrorised and made to feel worthless by your abuser could have easily destroyed a lesser person than yourself, but you are a survivor and giving up completely on yourself and accepting the your abuser was right about every hurtful thing he said about you, is simply not an option for your fighting spirit.

If this reign of terror has gone on for two years then it is very likely that your old self has become deeply buried, but there are professional people who are qualified and trained to help you dig it up again and allow it to see the light of day and a new beginning.

You can never actually go back to your exact same old self, as if this terror campaign had never happened to you, because we are forever changed by our life experiences. The version of your old self which you need to recover is an improved version. Because you have endured this form of extreme torture, but have been strong enough within yourself not to allow it to stop you from seeking help and have survived to be able to tell us about it now, the improved version is above all a much stronger one as a result of these negative experiences which the rest of us could only imagine in our worst nightmares.

I am sure that you do not believe logically that he is the supernatural Devil, Satan or fallen angel Lucifer as described in the Bible, but your instincts are correctly telling you that this man is wanting to do everything he possibly can think of to punish you for wanting to leave him. He is part way between an emotional baby or bully who is having a long term temper tantrum and always wanting to get his own way, and your image of what pure evil wearing a physical body looks like (which is where the Devil comes in).

He may be an emotional baby or bully, but this baby or bully has an adult man's mind and body, and he is willing to use both in order to keep you firmly under his thumb. This ongoing situation is bordering if not already there on a psychic as well as a psychological attack.

Of course we will keep you in our prayers and each want to give you the biggest and most comforting virtual hug which we are capable of giving you, but by themselves this will not be enough for you to escape his negative influence. You need qualified but affordable professional help with moving beyond this this situation, and fast.

The longer that this goes on, the stronger his hold over you becomes. You deserve this help, even though he has unconsciously conditioned you into believing that you do not deserve anything. He is a master of the use of fear and needless guilt as weapons to use against anyone who even shows signs of wanting a better life for herself.

Asking for our help and the help of a professional person (as our help is complementary to professional help) is not a sign of weakness or you having given up on yourself. Quite the opposite is true. Asking for help if or when needed is a sign of your immense inner strength and courage in the face of great adversity. And your ongoing sense of commitment to ridding yourself permanently of this man, as well as any other men who are like this one wanting you to become totally submissive to their pathetic and sick male ego needs.

Do a web search for "psychic attack" and "psychic help" sites, in addition to continuing to ask for our assistance and consulting a professional.

Also try the following visualisation technique:
As you become more aware of your psychic energy during the Running Energy practice, you may notice 'cords' between yourself and an other person. By definition, a cord is an obsolete or unwanted energy connection with another.

Most ordinary communication is unconscious, happening below awareness between the chakras of those involved. And very often this unconscious communication establishes a cord between the people. Cords can be easily removed, although some ways of doing this are better than others. It's important to pull cords rather than cut them. Like an unresolved imprint, the remaining energy of a cut cord in your feeling essence can too easily attract another cording experience.

Although cording is a result of an unconscious agreement between two beings, it takes only one person to decide they no longer wish to participate in the agreement. Here is a script you can use to easily and safely remove cords, and free yourself from unwanted energy attachments with others:
Read the book "When I say no, I feel guilty" by Manuel J. Smith, Ph.D. 1975 (Bantam Books).

To be assertive is to stand up for your own rights to make your own decisions, and to live your own life as you best see fit to do so. This is not the same thing as being aggressive or attacking any person. The above book which has had many reprintings since 1975 is widely regarded as the classic best seller self help book on assertiveness training. Many psychologists and counsellors still use it with their clients as homework which they can easily do at home between their appointments.

Does any of this help?

Love, Light and Healing,

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