What are your predictions in future radio and television?

Predict things you foresee here. It could be about anything and everything. It could be global importance like an earthquake or it could be something as mundane as... the weather - LOL - just kidding about the weather part.

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What are your predictions in future radio and television?

Post by sumbum » Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:49 pm

They say that radio is "dying" and television is "dying" and hollywood is running out of ideas. What are your predictions on what is going to happen say from now for the next 25 years? With all the new technology it could either hurt or improve all these things in media... but could hollywood really be running out of ideas?
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Post by Zetascair20086 » Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:31 am

Probably a continuing trend of remakes and increasingly shallow programming. But other than that I'd say tv and internet merging, digital and holographic programs becoming the norm and more independent films made given the ease of creating films new technology will provide.

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Post by Evard » Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:45 am

Hi. Evard.  There was the proper television advent known as Sci-Fiction :
what I know as 'terebi' . Sci-Fiction means the possible future (report) uh
planet ways the new future of space transit and a so called returning aum
The Way Dragons Will Re Appear At Earth . The space transit programs @
modern television , mostly science fiction , are future probable sci-fiction:

As if the Sci-Fi Books written in the 1950s to 1970s were the premonition ,
about the way future of races found at other planets will begin Advanced :
America and Global Travel to spaces where we will find intelligent races . .
The Modern Fantasy Television Programs are mostly set in the medieval ^
time and will be Dragon Casting and Marvel Super Heroes (modern future).

Radio will begin more manna friendly pre set digital programs respecting #
Nature and will not be so called reel to reel though it will be manna friendly.
Radio 2 will be ecology and World Music programs on the advent non profit:
Community Radio (2) and will be more net~roots close to home Global Gen
eration (gen~eration Global Beat World Music) and the former Rock n Roll :

will begin not as much automated radio play and 'net~roots' will begin Anew
Common Proper Accord with ecological network friendly ecology programs :
and new 'Sprouts' and 'ecolution' Conservation Network Green Union Radio .
The setting with radio towers will be new wireless broadcast with computer n
communicate friendly digital broadcast and less polluting air wave signals . .

The other television standard will be interactive with standard beginning with
HDMI television now code free computers may play home theater and radio:
on~the~internet so New Age media internet may replace glam and pop rock
and begin more comic book and game media on interactive TV. 'Telebi' :) ~
This change will begin with disallowing Republic~an money wanting bad TV..

Bad TV example was when Republic~an Fake Exec wanted to make all TVs :
subscribe to Digital Television standard and my opinion was strongly , you uh
should cancel Digital Television stations saying they are new programming :(
with the reason : evil surgery as a health program was not welcome on U.S.:
Television Commission Regard of Ratings and Rank to Begin Proper Viewing .

This will all begin as soon as media group leaders such as Ted Turner are now
available to moderate what was an illegal advent to proper TV other than the:
Political Television and News Casts Unwanted with Popular Activist Belief They
Are Not Akin to Watch Soberist Money Grant Television As a Standard Popular
Value of Television Ratings Not Seen to be Popular With Regard Bland News ..

Also look for a better generation of online games after 3rd Edition Dungeons &
Dragons was near ruined as a popular pastime by a group looking to profit with
games they could approve as first online D&D and did mistreat game leaders ..
with new Marvel.com and Marvel Universe Wiki (en) wanting to begin the proper
accord with media compute other than older reading only comic books.    Evard.

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Post by s0lom0n » Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:00 pm

Hollywood  running out of ideas? I dont think hollywood will run out of ideas, However Spin offs will continue I  would have to say that each decade will have its own  Lucas, Coppola, Spielberg, Tarantino, Kubrick, Scorsese, Woody Allen, Ron Howard. MyPredictions are radio and tv wont be replaced anytime soon,  streaming off the web and mp3s and ipods in cars will remain popular alternatives though.

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