New Europe

Predict things you foresee here. It could be about anything and everything. It could be global importance like an earthquake or it could be something as mundane as... the weather - LOL - just kidding about the weather part.

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New Europe

Post by Pegasus46 » Sat Oct 02, 2010 7:13 pm

I predict the total collapse of the European Union within the next 2 to 5 years. I feel that the catalyst to this will be total meltdown of the Euro currency, leading to a major nation (my prediction for this is Germany) To leave the EU, the aftermath of this will be a totally new power struggle with "alliances" of the Victorian and pre WW1 style.

Anyone have a view on this?

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Post by Evard » Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:22 pm

Yes.  My view will be euro currency will begin new ideal with Englnd Refurb.
Euro will begin a common language known as ecoi euro .. and the thoughts
about Germany will be New Germany Commonwealth.. allowing Germany,.
England ,. Jamaica and other nations to begin the legality new manna pot ..
The way the older setting of pagan and druid will begin new accord with the
Dragon Master thoughts about longevity and reasonabl compatibl computer
ideal with Enterprise Spaces Transit and Cannaba Educate agreement with:
France new Kingdom Leader known as (common man) Dukei <Du~keh~i>
and there will be a reintroduction of Gaulic Druidism and Sylvan Accord ed
agreement with Germany Kingdom with Renaissance coin known as ecudu.

This will not be the downfall of the euro by German Wealth.. it will be Anew
German Commonwealth with Manna Legal and euro respectin Renaissance.

Expect new accord with Global Climate (Center) and Matron England refurb. &nbsp; &nbsp; US King Leader ., &nbsp;Evard

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misty sur
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Post by misty sur » Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:53 am

i don't agree with this.
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Post by Evard » Fri Nov 05, 2010 12:24 am

You don't agree with what .. You I guess don't agree with New Europe Kingdom ./.
Tell us what your positive views will be with the future of an Accord ed Europe . . .

Evard ,. yes, I say I am King .

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Post by Sonatina » Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:52 pm

I'm no going to be as pessimistic as to say that there will be [quote][i]a totally new power struggle with "alliances" of the Victorian and pre WW1 style.[/i][/quote], and I think in all honesty that will not happen. Yes the euro might fluctuate, yes it might even crumble, but that is fairly normal for a powerful currency to do so at some point. The Dollar has crashed more then once, and guess what, the USA still remain.
I find it highly unlikely that Germany would under any given conditions leave the EU. They have too much riding on it. The thought is basically if the smaller countries will leave.

- however, we are in for a bumpy ride, that is for sure, and we will see sooner or later if this turns out right.
Though I am wary of actual economic predictions, seeing the global system is so complex that it will take an awful lot to topple a giant like the EU, and they will do pretty much all they can to keep it going.
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Post by Evard » Sat Dec 11, 2010 10:05 am

Hi. &nbsp;Evard. &nbsp;[King Name] &nbsp;The new Englnd Reurb New Germany Commonwealth
will be happy with the foreign power not sent to reason of older style of German
reason the actual nation of Spanish Nederlands during European Renaissance uh
was not the basis of the modern 'solidarink' where the assuading forces of WW~
Germany were not confiding with actual leader of Berlin and the unkind foreign#
effect was not what the German people [known or dark hair and humorous ways
to show they did enjoy language and common German did enjoy the land and the
products of October Harvest rather than Uber Maoist] ., will begin the kingdom new
ways of the Renaissance economy based on Euro coin known as the 'ecu' or crown.
The new coin will be proper with Englnd Reurb Conserve Economy2 and be : 'ecudu'
The second coin with worth to doubloon and guinea <ginn-y> and not so important:
to the lesser Renaissance copper and silver : stuiver and sou .. lower price coins en
ways the new economy will accord the equivalent gold coin 4 dollars and five dollar
piece now making the Euro 5 nearly equivalent to Aussi Regal Dollar [Canadian] so
the 'euro' may begin Kingdom Honesty : Euro Pound same as aussi equivalent new
US 5 Dollars. &nbsp;I also recommend Prince William and the new Davros Commonwealth. &nbsp; &nbsp; Hopefully understandable. &nbsp;Evard :-D

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