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Post by virinchi » Fri Aug 19, 2005 5:22 am

Aug 6,1979
Time: 1:45PM Zone: 5:30 DST: 0
Longitude: 80E17 Latitude: 13N05
Lahiri Ayanamsa: 23:34 365.25 Day Year
Current Period: Ra/Ra

As 11:31 Sc Anuradha Sa
Su 19:44 Cn Aslesha Me
Mo 25:31 Sg P.Shadya Ve
Ma 04:57 Ge Mrigsira Ma
MeR 10:46 Cn Pushya Sa
Ju 24:56 Cn Aslesha Me
Ve 14:27 Cn Pushya Sa
Sa 19:22 Le P.Phalguni Ve
Ra 15:04 Le P.Phalguni Ve
Ke 15:04 Aq Shatbisha Ra

Vimshottari Dashas
Ve Aug-06-1979
Su Oct-27-1983
Mo Oct-27-1987
Ma Oct-27-1997
Ra Oct-27-2004
Ju Oct-28-2022
Sa Oct-28-2038
Me Oct-27-2057
Ke Oct-28-2074

atlast i got sometime to look @ this
she'll have female child during 2007-08
but current rahu period 2004-2022 won;t see much growth professionally.

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Post by swetha » Fri Aug 19, 2005 6:34 am

will my profession b bad or ok?
and r there any chances of further education?

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Post by virinchi » Fri Aug 19, 2005 6:37 am

profession is doing bad now
will be ok from october till end of 2006
there'll be ups n downs later

no further education seen :smt018

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Post by swetha » Fri Aug 19, 2005 7:13 pm

i have plans to do my phD. hope that works out. i hope no kid before 2007?

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Post by virinchi » Sat Aug 20, 2005 4:44 am

ur 4th owner saturn is in sun's sign(enemy sign) so no further studies.
he's also viewing ur 12, 4,7 signs.

this planet will help u if u go for some offcampus distance education etc.

i expected to hear phD :smt002 bcoz rahu in 10th viewing 4th will force this instinct of research. even if u get a doctorate, it won't be useful much in ur career.
but current period(rahu) will force u to waste time on beware.

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General Predictions for Swetha

Post by cpkumar » Tue Aug 30, 2005 6:31 am


6 August 1979 Monday
13:45 PM
Chennai (Tamilnadu), India

Planetary Yogas

Damaruka Yoga

Out of the three parts of life, the first part will be the best part for you. During the middle part (between age-periods 24 and 48 years approx), your progress might be hindered owing to change of circumstances on which you may have no control.
The results of this yoga will be modified if some favourable yogas are present in the chart.

Chandradhi Yoga

This is a very fortunate yoga. It will make you energetic and enthuastic. You will enjoy the favours from authorities and will secure a lucrative position. You will be religious-minded and will lead a purposeful life. You will earn a good reputation and will be long-lived.

Shakata Yoga

This is not a fortunate combination. Your fortune will be unstable and fluctuating. At times you may even have to pass through trying circumstances. You might be somewhat argumentive and stubborn for which you may lose popularity.

Vipreet Raja Yoga

This is a fortunate combination. It will give you a special ability to make use of opportunities that comes your way and you will have progress by leaps and bounds. You will have majestic appearance, commanding skill and will be renowned for your accomplishments. You will gain riches from various sources but you may not not have the peace of mind which you will treasure most.

Ashtlakshami Yoga

This is a highly fortunate combination. Lady-luck will shower her blessings on you by making you
wealthy and prosperous. You will be in good health and enjoy all kinds of material enjoyments

Saraswati Yoga

This is a favourable combination. You will be a learned and cultured person. You will have interest in art or music and may be engaged in some creative activities. You will become famous and praiseworthy. Your spouse will be very dear to your heart and your children will be a source of pride to your family.

Maha Yoga

This is a highly auspicious yoga. You will be born in fortunate circumstances and move in high circles by virtue of birth and upbringing. You will have good education and your informal studies will cover a wide range of subjects. You will attain a highly respectable position and will have many travels. You will become famous and have a lasting reputation.

Sada Sanchara Yoga

This combination offers mixed influences. You may be engaged in a profession that commands
extensive touring and travelling


Specific Characterstics

You will have a sober mind, good judgment and a quick intellect. But richness of intellect and lack of concern for method may lead you to profusion and disorder. You will have versatility and capacity of general work. You will have a few enemies - sort of jealous people - but will always remain a victor over the vanquished. You will have studies in the fields of arts, literature, law and philosophy.

You will have restless activities of mind, together with the rich creative power. You will have much romance, fertile imagination and life in foreign / distant lands. These may conduce to high renown and give wealth and good fortune. You are likely to gain through an inheritance or a legacy.

Your chief characteristics are philosophical and literary pursuits and in-depth researches of a scientific nature. You have a taste for lofty speculation and your strong passions are well-controlled. Your mind will be philosophical and the temperament sober. Although riches will be difficult to acquire in initial stages, riches are certain to you. You will have a few steadfast friends.

Mental Qualities

You will be inclined to philosophy and religion, eclectic. You will not have much of interest in the intricacies of analytical sciences. Rather than becoming a store-house of information, you will acquire the superior capacity to have a quick overview of varied circumstances. You will be just, frank, generous, magnanimous and even-tempered.

Physical Attributes

According to your Horoscope, you will have a tall, upright and well-proportioned figure. You will have an elongated face, rounded forehead with grey, brown or blue eyes - sparkling and expressive. You will have fair complexion and receding hairline balding about the temples. You will be of athletic building and will be fond of athletics and other expeditious activities.

General State of Health

Your zodiacal sign rules over the stomach ; So, to remain in shape you must take adequate preventive and precautionary measures. Your highly-strung nature may raise your anxiety levels and you tendency to brood over may lead to indigestion - even gastric disorders. If you are not careful enough, it may even lead to stomach ulcer.

Your ribs and the sternum, breasts, alimentary canal, pancreas (and in case of women, the womb) are the areas which may call for medical attention sometime during your life.

You must learn to stop worrying and start living. You should take less of water and liquid as your zodiacal sign has unusual water-retention capacity which would otherwise lead to overweight. You should take more cabbage, turnips, milk-products and mushrooms.Since the Ascendant has no affliction in your chart, you will be in good health.

Since Pluto afflicts the Moon in your chart, you are prone to suffer from diseases resulting from unheigenic environmental conditions like dust particles, fumes, smoke, radiation, etc.

Since the Sun is bearing no affliction in your chart, you won't inherit any disease from your parents. If you perchance have any ailments, those will only be short-lived. Your eye-sight will also remain good.

Education & Profession

The combinations of planets in your chart will bless you with a very keen intellect and a high level of education. You will be holding a Master's degree at least. You will have your interest in various fields and will have informal studies in a wide range of subjects. You may also persue some hobbies which will give you distinction.

You will be respected in the social circle for your accomplishments and people will seek your valuable advice on important matters.

In your chart, Mercury gains good strength in Ashtaka-Varga. This will give you very good academic accomplishments with a good degree of proficiency in the various subjects of choice.

The planetary combinations in your chart indicates that you may not have the aptitude to go for your own business. You will be a successful service professional and will have a steadily growing prospect. By directing your endeavours in a positive way you will build a career of your own.

Wealth & Inheritance

As regards family-wealth, you will have enough what a person of noble descent would normally be endowed with. You will be a lover of music, dance and fine arts. You will be a supporter of benevolent measures and projects, and will be a patron of all that tends to beautify and enliven life. As regards domestic environments, there would be nothing more you could wish for: all-round gentle humanness, traditional culture, devotional wisdom and searchful intellect.

In your chart the lord of earnings placed in the favourable 9th house has given rise to auspicious 'Dhana-Yoga' ensuring influx of money through various sources. But you should not be overly optimistic in speculative investments as chances of incurring losses are also there; you may have some problems from foreign lands or distant inland places and during long journeys.The favorable lines for you are institutes for higher learning, charitable organizations, museums, libraries, foreign affairs, evangelistic foundations, etc.

In your chart the lord of inheritance being placed in the house of fortune is favourable in certain respects like having gains from foreign countries by foreign trade and through a legacy. You will undoubtedly become rich. But the position is not good for well-being of father; for having overseas journeys or for staying in foreign countries it is not good as possibility of incurring losses or facing accidental mishaps are there.

Marriage & Married Life

Your chart indicates that you will have early marriage. The planetary combinations in your chart favours a fairly happy married- life. You will have considerations for each other and will be a loving pair. Occassionally arising minor differences you will accept as to be only natural but those will vanish soon as you will adopt a compromising attitude.

Travel & Journeys

In your chart most of the planets are situated in moveable and/ or common signs. This will make you a born wanderer who will have many changes in life. You will have many journeys in connection with your profession; you will also have travels and tours for pleasure and profit.

Lucky Stone

Among auspicious gemstones RED CORAL (Munga) will be favourable for you. You may take 8 to 12 Rattis of RED CORAL in a Silver ring which should be worn on right hand ring finger on a Tuesday - after mid-day.
Cheaper substitute of Red Coral is Sindoori Akeek which may be taken instead in a ring of Silver or Copper.

While wearing the gemstone reciting the following 'Mantra' will be auspicious:

Dharini-garbha-sambhutam Vidyut-kanti Samaprabham Kumaram Sakti-Hastam cha Mangalam Pranamyaham.

The weights of gemstones recommended above are for adult male people. For adult females the weights should be reduced to 3/4 to 1/2 part while for the children the weights should be reduced to 1/2 to 1/3 part.

Result For Birth Nakshatra

General Details

You will be intelligent. You will have the energy, enthusiasm, vigor and vitality. Hence you will be ambitious and aspire for higher goals. However, you will not be obstinate. You can attain more success when adverse conditions prevail. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. You will weigh the merits and demerits of each case and come to a decision only after deep consideration. You will speak out what you feel is right, whether others may be able to digest it or not. You will be fond of dogs and other pet animals. You must not make promises you cannot keep. You may have some issues with your siblings and parents. You will be the leader among your relations. You will a determined and truthful character.

Physical Characteristics

You will be extremely beautiful. Your almond eyes will play the role of a magnet. You will have a long nose and graceful looks. You will have fair complexion and brown colored hair.
Education Generally, females born in this Nakshatra are educated. You may be a teacher, bank employee or connected to religious institutions. If Mercury is also placed with Moon, you may earn as a publisher or writer.

Family Life

You will be very good in household activities. As you mature, you will develop more and more love and attachment to your husband. Consequently, your life will become more and more happier. You will have loving and dutiful children.


Your health will generally be good. In addition to the ailments mentioned in the case of male native above, you may suffer from ailments connected with the lower part of the body.

Sun - Ashlesha - Quarter -1

You may suffer from lumbago. You will be short-tempered and obstinate. However, you will be
religious, popular and wealthy.

Mercury - Pushya - Quarter - 3

You will be interested in music and dance, very close to the rulers or politician, reside in foreign countries. Indulges in too much sexual pleasure. Female natives will earn out of dance and music or acting. But at the same time your character may be subjected to doubt.

Venus - Pushya - Quarter - 4

You may be engaged in medical profession, but will have a philosophical bent of mind. You may become interested in science and meditation. In other words, you would believe in both spiritual as well as physical healing. However, you should not neglect your domestic responsibilities. You may have a late marriage and your wife may need extra care and attention.

Mars - Mrigashira - Quarter - 4

You will be very attached to your parents. Your married life will be filled with happiness and joy. You may always be concerned about your wife's health and comfort. You may suffer from ailments connected to upper part of the body.

Jupiter - Ashlesha - Quarter - 3

You will be a wanderer and have a careworn mind. You will be highly influential, handsome and
attractive. You will also possess poetic and artistic qualities. You will inherit good wealth and property through your maternal sources.

Saturn - Purva Phalguni - Quarter- 2

You will be generous and passionate. You will earn money as a writer. You will get recognition around 50 years of age. You will lead happy married life. You will have one daughter and one son. Your wife will require all your attention and care during pregnancy. If Sun is also placed here and Mars and Saturn both aspects, you may suffer from ailments connected with eyes.

Moon - Purva Ashada - Quarter - 4

You may have some health issues yourself. If there is benefic planet, you may live a long life. However, when you may believe in spirits and souls. You may have delicate health in your early years. If several planets aspects Moon in this quarter, you will live a very long life. According to the learned in astrology (our ancients) you may leave for your heavenly abode in the month of Ashadha, Panchami tithi of Full Moon days, on Friday night when Aclesha Nakshatra will be ruling.

Rahu - Purva Phalguni - Quarter-1

You are suitable to be a head of large organizations. Usually with Rahu in this quarter, you may be associated with various industries. You are the kind and who knows the trick of getting the job done from your colleagues and subordinates. Because of this quality, you will be wanted everywhere.

Ketu - Satabhisha - Quarter-1

You will have more than your share of miseries and problems that life has to offer, unless associated with benefic. If with Sun and Mercury and aspected by Jupiter, the result will be reverse, i.e. you will not have any miseries of life and will be highly learned. You will attain distinction in academic field. You may be a good engineer.

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Post by swetha » Mon Oct 24, 2005 8:30 pm

I had a query;
i am about to start a new business venture with my husband. was just wondering how successful it wud b?

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My future after diwali.

Post by brahmavarun » Fri Oct 28, 2005 12:51 pm

Dear Swetha,

Diwali is an auspicious festival and it is of great signifance. it is the
festival of lights.
kindly tell me about some precautions taking in Diwali other than
crackers, like totems or witch craft, totka also tantrism and aghori mantra
done to these days,some islamic spells also. What according to my future 2
August 1979 6:35 am
Jammu do time after diwali would be.

Happy Diwali!
With luv and regards
Varun Sharma
good! very nice and extremely eternal.

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Post by swetha » Sun Oct 30, 2005 5:49 am

hello Varun,
Kindly read the forum guidelines.
pls start a new thread with request for your query so that people can understand more easily.

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