Leo man unpredictable!

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Leo man unpredictable!

Post by noona84 » Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:05 am

Do they have a conscience? Like after they do and play with you and making you jealous, they would feel or say sorry?

Leo people only...I only need advices...do not bash me or anything...because I am really hurt and just want to get over this! The nerve doesnt have the backbone for a closure...

The other day, I had my status on messenger CRY.FORGIVE.LEARN.MOVE ON. It was a Steve Maraboli quote, since I used another Steve Maraboli quote on my blog, and it was not directed to anyone it was just a random quote i found. The King Leo, logged in and just told me, Youre gonna have to do that. I asked him what he meant. He said about my status. And I asked him why. He just said BECOZ HE IS WORKING IT OUT WITH ANOTHER GIRL??? How could he do that to me...night before that happened we were just talking about weddings and he was really sweet...I know everything was like  rollercoaster but I was trying to work it out with him...and he even told me not to talk to other guys. And now he is just gonna drop something like this...Before he was like upset becoz he said I never trust him...but yes, maybe i should never had trusted him! And how could I ever trust someone who first lied  about his Name and Email address???

The last time I stopped talking to him becoz he found out I replied to one of his "acquaintances" online (he tried snooping on me, he used my tactics against me) . I denied I never chatted to anyone...he just spilled out, that I was talking to "his acquaintance"...and at the back of my mind i was like AHA, he can pull of a game of cat and mouse, and he is a master on it...so i stopped contacting him becoz he said he would delete me if i be stubborn...so i left him and deleted him from my list...

But days after, (maybe he saw the saying on my avatar, if i was still on his list) MY LIFE IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY. He just messaged me suddenly telling me that ITS MORE OF A HORROR STORY. Then he told me how a Queen BS I was...and that I will be forever evil. I told him if he still wasnt happy for bullying me, I would accompany him to the International chatrooms and tell everyone how I flirted with everyone I chatted and then he replied that EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW. I told him to let me alone, and just move on with his life, and that I am not worthy because I am not perfect girl. Ofcourse he has a lot of issues towards me. I am not like the one he envisioned to be. I am not grand, not materialistic like him, not vain, and do not like socializing, I am just so unfit for him...I want to work a purpose , but not the same as his purpose!

He even told me I am crazy, many times in the text messages,  he told me how evil I was. That I was controlling and pushover... I tried to minimize that because I dont want to flare his anger or anything. I know my faults and I really appreciated how he can control me, because sometimes I have the tendency to control things, as I do things on my own. I learned how to give him all his roaming space and only texted him sporadically, stroking his ego now and then...I efforted on reading a lot about Leos...and I can't take this! I rather make a fool out of myself...

Anyway, he asked me to talk to him suddenly twisted  the conversation away from my wrath!  He said it was meant to be...and he wanted to work things out. He told me he is just jealous that I am beautiful woman, and I told him too that he is also handsome in his own way, and he thanked me (ego-stroking- check!) So we were being back to normal until yesterday that he dropped me suddenly, just logged off and doesnt even reply to my messages...

I feel so stupid for trusting him...and for letting him chase me again. He has a very dark mind. I thought I found someone that would finally work out a relationship with,  someone really strong like him that would accept a challenge in a relationship. I am very reserved and slow to trust.

I am very patient and would do everything to make things work...im a keeper and not a quitter. When I learn to trust someone, I am very loyal and can go extra mile to make anything work...it just needs someone who will reassure me, and make me feel secure, as I do detective work like investigating if he is really worth the catch...due to my being meticulous, and I am very good at separating good from the bad, hence the maiden Virgo.

But what happened was a huge blow to my ego. Its like someone splashed a bucket full of ice cold water on me. I can lower my pride for someone I do love, but when I feel used up, I would feel so sad, and I know it is hard for me to even let go of a bad relationship...but rest assured I try my best to look for someone new so I wont have time to sulk about the past disaster! Im also quick to fall out of love! Im really intense...if I like you, I liked you...but if I dont, youre better off as a friend in my own little world.

I messaged him on his phone, I told him that he is a loser for not telling me everything, and for stringing me along that he wants me to only be HIS, but then he can play double standards. But hes not replying...

That nerve is one selfish man! He can surely throw tantrums as grand as his ego, and ubersensitive. He thinks everything revolves around him. He thinks he is perfect and he can point out every speck on your face and he is never afraid to hurt you or bully you, but he doesnt seem to see he has lots of damage himself!

Looks like the handsome Narcissus should have used a mirror instead. Because leaning down at the pool made everything distorted because of the ripples in the water--even so his view of himself!

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Post by symulhaque » Wed Feb 06, 2013 5:27 pm

I am a Leo by born. And I am proud of that.

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Post by valentina » Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:24 pm

Hey, im a leo woman and i know leos need to feel that attention towards them is 100%.. Im not sure how it is for a leo man. However, i knew this leo guy once... he was suposed to love me... or so he said. One day he got upset because i didnt want to meet him that particular day. I wasnt ok. I was ill with deep depression over work problems and it was like a whole getting bigger and bigger. i rang him up at night time and asked him if he could come over to my house because i wasnt ok. Im not ok, can you please come over? i think im going to do something really stupid........
He replied: GOOD! and never talked to me again. I never felt so many hate vibes from someone like that before.
.. So you see. if you wont give your undying love to this leo he will turn into a real weirdo. Im actually freaked out by leo men now (no offense to any leos here, this is only my 2 cent).
I also have a feeling that if a leo man takes you for granted, he can mess on you..

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