aliens an us?

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aliens an us?

Post by alise » Sun Sep 11, 2011 8:28 pm

So for those of you that believe in aliens/life on other planets, whitch I think i do. Ok im not sure how to word this just work with me hear lol Are they part of our workings like how we are all connected, when we die and they die do we all go to the same place (I know we dont really go anywear)or are they something compleatly different that has a different origin altogeather?

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Post by Zetascair20086 » Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:55 am

I believe that all life in the universe is made up of the same stuff so their souls aren't any different than our souls and we can each incarnate across species. The only difference is that many alien races are much more spiritually aware than we are. Some seemed to have evolved to the point where the physical and spiritual are indistinguishable from one another.

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Post by Evard » Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:53 am

Hi.  Alien species such as the former Martian advanced race of fluoro-magnethenic
advanced human form and Neptuan bluo-form advanced humanoform alien races :
refer to the sense of spiritual enlightened thought as the passage to Heaven we are
with thought to consider the Life-Death-Reincarnation of soul and corpus spiritum ::
They Are Not Founded with the Thought to Have Deity OverSee the Transpire Soul :
to the setting at local system one planets , Neptune Saturn and Uranus [with Sedna]
as the astrolomy shows the Deities transposed to former multi-monotheism as Anew
S~Heaven at same planets at system one referring to Neptune Row astrolomy . . . .
and alien races now unavailable to spaces transit {or invisible to NaSa} are not then
the same 'stuff' as we are with regard to Heaven and hereafter . , . so classical thot:
Alien Races and The OverSeer Deity of potential Martian and Neptuan don't have the
sense of classical Heaven and religion of modernite ceremonial burial and prayer to ,
Consider The Soul of the Departed as Approaching a Wonderful Afterlife and Cycling
The Return to Anew Birth Form Noted as The Child Born Again with reason : genetics
tailoring to advanced races begin the advanced science on a secular promot{ion} to
consider the Sense of Religion and Heaven as out-noted by Advanced Genetic Forms
with reguard , the sense of Godly and Rebirth don't adjucate to Alien Advanced Thot
and Transit to Spaces beyond the Domain of the Heavenly Father and Neptune Row:
sense of astrolomy shows the Domain of Heavenly Deity will OverSee local spaces .
[[ completely overworded I realize . Allow this statement if you want . Intellect :-D ]]

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