The word "Philosophy" is derived from the Ancient Greek - philosophía (compounded from phílos: friend, or lover and sophía: wisdom). To quote from WikiPedia, "Philosophy is the discipline concerned with the questions of what is the right way to live (ethics), what sorts of things ultimately exist and what are their essential natures (metaphysics), what is to count as genuine knowledge (epistemology), and what are the correct principles of reasoning (logic).

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Our very nature is Buddha, and apart from this nature there is no other Buddha.

- The Sutra of Hui Neng

If we're looking for outer conditions to bring us contentment, we're looking in vain.

- Ayya Khema, "Be An Island"

Just like a blossom, bright colored but scentless: a well-spoken word is fruitless when not carried out.

- Dhammapada, 4, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Loss of mindfulness is why people engage in useless pursuits, do not care for their own interests, and remain unalarmed in the presence of things which actually menace their welfare.

- Buddha

By giving, merit grows, by restraint, hatreds checked. He whos skilled abandons evil things. As greed, hate and folly wane, Nibbanas gained.

- Digha Nikaya
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