Guidelines - For General Members - Not got a reading yet?

All requests for reading using the vedic astrology method, should be posted under this forum.

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Guidelines - For General Members - Not got a reading yet?

Post by Abhishek » Wed Apr 05, 2006 7:42 am

Welcome to the Vedic Astrology Reading Forum.

Post your date of birth details here for a FREE birth chart analysis.

Please follow the forum rules listed below for a quicker and faster reading.

1. You can have a reading if this is your first visit to Mystic Board, however some of our readers will not give readings to those who have not participated at all. We are here to help people who need help. But we would request you to follow forum guidelines so that you can get a good reading. You can post your request (data & questions; few or just 1 is better to show respect for the members who might respond) in the particular reading room and wait. Do not pester the readers through PMs or other means.
1.a.    If the intention is to use the reading responses as a learning exercise, what the individual must do is to post their data but also INCLUDE their understanding so far of the matter that they wish input for. This should be a sincere request, which in most cases is! Doing so will get you more and meaningful responses since all jyotishis/vedic astrologers whether teachers or not have a feeling of solidarity and want to help others, particularly sincere learners!
1b.     There may be a few who are sceptical about astrology, partly due to their failed experiences or different way of thinking or misunderstanding/misinterpreting of jyotish/vedic astrology framework and rules (there is a huge scope for that!!), be up-front and respectful and I for sure will respond to the best of my abilities! Others too, I am sure! Most participants here are good and helping people but have their lives too, so please be respectful of that!    

2. By posting a request here, you agree to give feedback to the reader. Feedback is very important in helping the reader to grow and learn. Also remember to leave a thank you note for receiving a reading. This boosts the morale of the readers.

3. Don't ask for multiple readings simultaneously in the same forum.  The readings won't really change if you keep putting up different requests.

4. There is no time frame between requests for readings on this forum. But do not bump up your posts. Readings will be done only at the reader’s discretion.

5. Please accept suggestions opinions with an open mind. Being of a negative disposition will hinder rather than help your reading.

6. By placing your details here on the Internet, you acknowledge that you are placing it in the public domain. Some readers may work with people’s names in their readings. Please provide them ONLY at your own discretion. The forum will not be held responsible for future privacy invasion issues. You can also see the following URLs for more information.

7. Please do not ask for third party readings.  Mystic Board has a strict policy on not reading for people without their permission.

8. All readings are done for FREE on the public forum; please do not request readings in Private Message (PM). Private readings are against Mystic Board’s ethos along with charging for readings. We DO NOT encourage people from asking for readings in PM. This may also result in having your PM Account closed in case of a complaint. If you are approached to give a private reading, please contact the moderator or admin.

9. This is a completely FREE forum. Our readers do it of their own free will and do not charge money. You can show your appreciation by posting in different forums and taking part in interesting conversations. You can also opt to make donations to help the board grow. If you are asked for a charge for a reading, please contact the moderator or admin.

10. Please post your request in the right reading forum else your request will end up in the "Thread Jail".

11. All content posted is the intellectual property of Mystic Board and by posting a picture you agree by the Mystic Board rules and the Vedic Astrology forum guidelines. Breach of this will result in your membership being reconsidered.

Please contact Site Admins Swetha or Rhutobello or forum moderator RishiRahul in case of any queries.

***                Please note all readings given here are for fun and entertainment purposes only. All readings given here are the responsibility of the reader.                 ***


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