How to Have a Healthy and radiant plants in the Garden...

Learn more about gardening and get tips on making your garden perfect. Know which plants to grow and flowers to sow based on your zodiac signs.

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How to Have a Healthy and radiant plants in the Garden...

Post by kshama » Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:25 pm

Dear All,

I am a novice in planting and gardening. I like the effort put and end results of my endeavours. Yet, I still have to learn more on this. Can someone enlighten me on how to upkeep a garden, in my case, I plant flowers and herbs in pots as I don't have open land in my compound.

Any tips on the basics of gardening?

I am sure, things differs from one timezone to another, in the sense of climate, types of plants suitable and so on...but surely, there should be age old proven facts that I haven't known...if any do tell.

I am particularly fond of Jasmine and Roses. So do you have any tips on how to make them Grow well and give a lot of flowers? How do you get rid of insects and other problems related to them.

Thank you.

Vivek Trivedi
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Post by Vivek Trivedi » Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:16 am

Root zone heating, whether in the garden or greenhouse, is proven to stimulate better bacterial and root action resulting in healthier, bigger and more productive plants. There are copious amounts of research on this topic, not to mention books available. The correct temperature range is especially vital at first planting and in the first weeks and months following. For gardeners who start their plants in a greenhouse and transplant early in the season, ensuring an optimum soil temperature helps plants take well to the new environment. In the same vein, watering your garden with very cold water - especially early in the season - can set your plants back. With a solar domestic water heater as part of your Radiantec heating system you will often have more hot water than you need for the household. On those days, you can water the garden with warm water that has no extra cost either to you or the environment.

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Post by WaterLily_Pixie » Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:20 pm

I agree with Vivek. Also make sure your soil is correct too. The right temperature wouldn't mean much if your soil isn't full of the nutrients your plants need!

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