Love OR lust..

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Love OR lust..

Post by linn » Thu Oct 13, 2016 2:37 am

Dear astrologers,

I was in a relationship from nearly 2 years. I had came out of few breakups earlier also but regarding this one.. She is too much beautiful. I like her personality too. She makes me smile and i cried for her too. I am not able to come out of this. why i dont know. May be i think i will not get beautiful girl like her again.

What does my chart shows about my future wife? Will she be beautiful?
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Post by eye_of_tiger » Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:23 pm

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7. Please do not ask for third party readings.  Mystic Board has a strict policy on not reading for people without their permission.
Since your question is directly about another person, it would qualify as a third party reading.

What does the descriptive word "beautiful" mean to you?

What it means to one man may be entirely the opposite of what it means to another.

Beauty is skin deep and transient, while under normal circumstances the personality does not change significantly throughout an entire lifetime.

Please do not make the common error of confusing selfish and destructive animal lust with sexual chemistry, which unlike destructive lust can often lead to and support a loving relationship.

I am not an astrologer myself so I cannot help you further with this, other than perhaps suggest that you should edit your question(s) in the light of what I have written above, to better conform with the forum rules.

Because of the very low number of requests on most of our reading forums lately, our readers do not feel that it is worth checking the boards anywhere near as often as they used to, and there are no guarantees that a reading will be given.

Take care,


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