Health in need of help!

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Health in need of help!

Post by Junebug2 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:53 am

Please help I started insane heavy menstrual bleeding on June 27th and bled for about a month. After several ER and gyno visits I was able to slow bleeding down with high dose birth control which I started on July 28th. Pills give me the worst side effects and still allows a small amount of spotting. I am worried what will happen when I take the last pill of pack on Aug 16th-17th. Will I bleed heavily again? Please tell me there is no surgery in my future! I was thinking of doing 2 more courses of the birth control just to level out my hormones but I am very afraid of what will happen each time I take a week break at the end of each pack. Im no stranger to heavy menses but this type of bleeding is very abnormal where there was no slowing it down. As if my body was purging itself. Will it be in control for months to come? Im so very low in iron to begin with and that worries me. Thank you.

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