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Post by Pravin Kumar » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:46 am

Concept of Me:

Nothing is the whole of anything unless it’s labeled as so, and who does this labeling, but the idea of a me which only exist because of forming a delusional concept.

The concept of a me is what keeps one wandering helplessly for possibly countless lifetimes; simply put, the concept of a me does this. The concept of me is not who you are, nor is it the mind, nor I, nor does it truly have anything to do with you, it's just a concept that keeps you in bondage to "there's a me" story. It's always the story itself that keeps you bondage and although it may seem as though what's being used to create the story keeps you in bondage, it’s not. It can't be because there's nothing real to a story and this is because it's of the mind and there's nothing real that comes from the mind; it's only as real as yesterday's dream. If it's about something that happened, that means you are bringing the past into the present and this creates a delusional mindset. If you're bringing the future into the present, again you're creating a delusional mindset by not being with what's actually happening, and it’s always a conceptual me that does this.

This is what happens when the concept of a me is the driving energy behind how one lives. If everything done is derived from a conceptual me than life will be delusional because me is delusional; me is an idea, a concept, it's made up. It's not that there isn't existence, but unless you can truly see where this me is, it will cause problems if it's attached to you. What I mean by this is if you take the concept away of what you think me is, what's left? You have been labeled (named) for identification purposes and all the other labels just fall in line, son, daughter, brother, sister, and so on. Without an applied label where is this me? You have a body, but you are not the body. Nothing is the whole of anything unless it’s labeled as so, and who does this labeling, but the idea of a me that only exist because of a delusional concept.

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