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Post by Pravin Kumar » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:52 am

It’s Never Personal:

There are many different ways that people handle what arises in life, the key to not being controlled by what arises is to understand life isn’t personal and it doesn’t do anything to you...

As life happens, the way it’s handled depends on how one relates themselves to it. One way and the most common is to make what happens so personal that it's attached to as if life does it to you. This is very limiting and it creates much suffering because it's made as if there's some master plan as to why things happen; this is when the would've, should've, could've mind takes over. That there's a you who thinks things happen to is at the core of the conditioned way of thinking, but nothing truly happens to you, things do happen, but nothing directly happens to you unless it’s taken personal. I'm not saying ignore what happens, but without making what happens personal, things that happen are allowed to be as they are without creating suffering. This is not the way most people handle life. The conditioned thought is there has to be an emotional tie to what happens, but what's not understood is this tie causes suffering. This isn't seen because of making life personal which only exist in the mind.

No one has to suffer through life, but if the herd mentality is blindly followed, there will be suffering. The last few weeks have allowed me to go deeper within to see how my own suffering is created by holding onto a self that's been programmed to take life personal. If you don't think this is true, pin point where this self is that is so adamant about taking what happens personal. I will just say this, because of the attachment to self, although what happens happens, it will always seem as it happens to you, but nothing is ever truly personal, not because it's being ignore, but because there's no attachment to a self to take it personal.

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