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The Illusion of Duality

Maya, illusion, ‘the relative’ signifies,
Bound by space, time and causation.
The Absolute is that which never dies,
The source of this manifestation.

Maya is also the power which creates
Cosmic-energy, movements in Consciousness,
Which is Brahman exhibiting two states,
In motion and at rest as Pure Awareness.

So This apparently creates the dual,
For various ‘things’ seem to come into being,
But the difference is merely nominal,
When their common essence we’re seeing.

For they are fleeting movements that ebb and flow,
In stillness arising, abiding and subsiding,
Resting Consciousness which doesn’t come and go,
Pure Awareness from which there’s no hiding.

This we can see by investigation
Of our moment to moment experience,
Awareness of thought and sensation,
By which of mind/body there’s sentience.

These latter are movements in Consciousness,
Preceding them, in Which they come and go,
The constant Conscious perceiving presence,
Witnessing the experiential ‘object flow’.

This is our unchanging essence,
Physicality but a fleeting expression,
Through which That can sense,
Manifestation when it’s ‘in session’.

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