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Cornerstone of Love:

You do not have to hope to do the right thing when the cornerstone base of your life is of love, it occurs naturally and without effort because love is simply what’s already in place...

Here is an example of how life plays out depending on what your cornerstone base is. If you are on the phone with a customer service rep (we all know how this is a true test of patience) and you’re not getting the results that you want, whatever you have as a cornerstone base will determine how you will handle not getting your desired results. This was and can still be extremely difficult for me, but I have come to understand what makes it difficult. It’s when my cornerstone base is self-serving, especially when it involves something I am paying money for. When I don't get what I am paying for, if I am not aware of what my cornerstone base is, my mind can erupt like an active volcano. When it’s of love I’m able to see all the nonsense generated by a Conditioned Mind that feels it’s been slighted because things aren't going its way and it’s not in control. It's not because I know the difference between right and wrong that I do what’s right, there is no decision to do what's right, it occurs naturally and without effort when your cornerstone base of life is of love.

If you are aware of this and truly get it, how can you want to do things that make your cornerstone base anything but love? Now mind you just because you are aware of this doesn't mean your cornerstone will be based in love, it probably will not be until there is some semblance of quietness in your life. This is what allows love to be your cornerstone base more often than not. The more quietness there is, the more awareness you will have when you aren't quiet. The more you notice when you aren't quiet, the more you will simply return to quietness because in your inner essence of quietness is the cornerstone of a life based in love...

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