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Agitated Distractions:

A distracted mind is an agitated mind. Your mind becomes agitated and distracts you by making you think there is something needed for completeness, but the fact is you are complete as you are, you just don't know it...

There are so many ways for the mind to become agitated and there is only one way for it to settle. Here are some agitations that the past mind patterns use as distractions. Food has such a strong association with pleasure that it is virtually impossible to stop this agitation. Every time you reach for a certain food or beverage it’s because past pleasures are already established so what the mind uses to become agitated is this association to pleasure. You don't reach for something that is unpleasant. It’s the association with pleasure that causes the agitation.

These past engrained agitations go on and on. You will need to investigate what causes your agitations if you want to break free of them. You will use whatever you’ve been conditioned to use. Gambling, sex, money, shopping, success, a spiritual journey, our children, chores, our house, TV, the lottery, sports, our cause, alcohol, drugs, fantasy, work, etc, the list is endless. When you start to understand how these agitations take you from your own innate goodness, you can then begin lessening the control they have over you. It will take much awareness, but it’s the only way to break their hold; sitting allows the needed awareness.

It’s imperative to look at the relationship between pleasure and the past and how this association is at the core of the mind agitations that take you from being present. If it’s in the past, learn to leave it there. There isn't any benefit to bringing the past into the present. It’s only when the mind becomes agitated that it will look for some past pleasure distraction. When you understand your completeness and that it’s only this lack of understanding that causes any agitation, you can start lessening their grip so you can be free in the present. Or not and live an agitated life that keeps you distracted from your completeness. You are complete just as you are, but it will take a mind that’s not agitated to be aware of this...

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