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'Ego is Misidentification' and 'The Myth of Ego'

A correspondent said that he didn’t see,
Separation, of ourselves, as a mistake,
He also posited identifying with ego to be,
An initiation, quite an advanced state.

This was in reaction to my position,
That self-referencing is the ‘original sin’,
Making mind and self-image our definition,
Causes angst and mental suffering to begin.

In the biblical tale Adam and Eve were unworried,
About being naked, before the apple they ate,
After, when God appeared, to ‘dress’ they hurried,
When identified as mind/body and so separate.

This caused Jehovah to cast them out,
Of the Garden and so their suffering began,
So this myth is an allegory about,
Separation and the trouble it can cause to ‘man’.

The ego is defined as ‘a sense of self-esteem’*,
But this small self is an illusory being,
Seen to be such when waking from the dream,
Of separation when the true Self we’re seeing.

It’s also said to be ‘responsible for a sense,
Of personal identity, and reality testing’*,
Contradictory - as the first is unreal, hence
Giving credence to the ego is surely jesting …

The third is ‘a conscious thinking subject’*, not far
From the constant conscious subjective presence,
Pure Awareness, that in essence we all are;
But denoting a distinct object, is the divergence.

* These three definitions of ego (in quotes) are from the Oxford English Dictionary.


The myth of ego is pervasive,
Seeming inescapable, useful or an ‘advanced state’,
These ideas are very persuasive,
Held by the majority of those to whom I relate.

Alas it’s often with ‘character’ confused,
Or with personality equated,
Thus with apparent reality it’s imbued,
And its value is grossly inflated.

Actually it’s an illusory concept,
The major cause of misidentification,
Positing that one is a separate object,
Rather than an ephemeral manifestation.

Of consciousness we are a fleeting emanation,
Possessing a unique body and mind,
Through which That can experience Its creation,
Enjoying the thoughts and sensations we ‘find’.

To live in a useful and harmonious way,
We need character and personality,
Attributes of each expression, day to day,
Until finally merging back into the Totality.

So apparent separation and its properties,
Are impermanent, not applying to The Absolute,
Needed to encounter the world’s diversities,
Until back into Aware Nothingness we transmute.

Thus character and personality are needed,
But not ego nurturing separation,
By which universality appears impeded,
In fact it’s just the mind’s fabrication.

Poems from 'Poetry from Awareness of Awareness' based on chapters of 'Awareness of Awareness - The Open Way'. For more see comments on photos.

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