Looking toward the Future

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Looking toward the Future

Post by Reklust69 » Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:10 pm

Hi my name is Richard M. Nolte, i'm a tarot card reader using the Psy Cards, and fledgling psychic,destined to be a great ehaler, eeven tho i don't know where to start developing that ability yet.I know/believe i have lived many a lifetime on this Earth and am on separated from my soul mate in this lifetime because i died early and she lived on grieving, which along with our 29 year age difference, is the main reason she doesn't feel as strong toward me as i do her. But alot has changed in my life the last few years and i really need to know WHICH direction i should take my life in & HOW is the best way to accomplish that?

1. Date of Birth- 06/12/1962
2. Time of Birth-01:03 AM
3. Place of Birth- Ashland Ky USA
4. DST used or not(Day Light Savings Time)-DST
5. Gender (Male/ Female)-Male
6: Place of posting your query (city, Country)-Westwood/Ashland Ky USA
7: Local watch time of posting query (remember to indicate AM or PM or use 24:00 hrs format)-11:11 AM

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