Any chances that I may lose my job??

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Any chances that I may lose my job??

Post by vatson » Mon Dec 10, 2018 5:31 pm

Hi All,

Can any one please predict,

I really stressed, I tried to help a person but that guy when behind my back , I am daily feeling the pressure.

Any chances that I may lose my job??

please let me know , iam still not able to get any ans

I am unable to see any progress in life in any walk of life. what is in stored for me

All I needs to know is how long will I be able to work

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Re: Any chances that I may lose my job??

Post by eye_of_tiger » Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:54 pm

Hi Vatson,

Back in August of 2016 your reader at the time (Rishi) wrote:
I have given you what I could. Only a proper consultancy can predict sharply.
You have been given as much guidance as it is is possible for me to give you through a free mini reading on this website.

To be able to get more specific and more reliable predictions about your career, you will need to have a paid reading with a professional Vedic Astrologer.

I doubt that this position has changed much, during the last two years plus.

If you are interested in getting a paid reading from Rishi, please go to

I will of course leave this request where it is, for any other reader who would like to respond to it.

Finally could I please make the observation that any type of reading can only go so far and no further, when it comes to predicting ANY FUTURE EVENT?

If you have a job, there is always the possibility that you will lose it sometime in the future, for one of many different reasons.

You could say then that the possibility of you losing your job SOMETIME is 100%.

But the probability or chance of you losing it is hopefully nowhere near to being 100%.

You tried to help a guy, but he went behind your back and betrayed your trust, and possibly told lies about you to your boss who you fear could fire you as a result?

Or he is competing with you for your job, in a way which is very unfriendly and dishonest?

A reading is not going to replace you going to your boss, and showing him the many reasons why the company cannot afford to fire you.

Ask your boss how you could become a better and more valuable employee.

Listen to his criticisms about any mistakes which you have made, with an honest willingness to not repeat them.

Do not turn it into a choice between the company having to fire you, or the other guy. Or you could lose your boss's respect as well as any of his remaining support if you do.

Instead of wanting to predict what the future of your job/career is, why not take active, practical steps to create a better job future for yourself in the present moment, by going straight to your boss and doing what I have suggested?

Do not give your boss any more reasons to fire you, but instead give him plenty of reasons why he should NOT fire you.

This will effectively neutralise any damage which the other guy has done to your work reputation, in the eyes of your boss.

You will find people like that guy (or worse) in any other future job which you could get, to replace the job which you have now.

So changing your job is unlikely to solve your problem for very long (if at all).

But whatever job you have at the time, the best way to greatly increase your chances of keeping it for as long as you want it (and significantly decrease your chances of getting fired) will always remain the same.

See above!


Brian :smt024

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